YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

Image of a mysterious cylindrical object has been spotted by an astronomer while he was collecting data about M42 Orion nebula.

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The unidentified object can be seen in a single frame which he had captured. M42 Orion is one of the most radiant nebula, which is present in the constellation of Orion in the Milky Way.

The astronomer captured the image with the help of an 8-inch astrograph Newtonian telescope. As he continued to capture more frames of the nebula and he was surprised to see more of these strange objects.

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These unidentified objects appear to be moving when they are seen frame by frame. The movement appears to be taking place from left to right.

YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

"This is not the first and definitely not the last time as I search the night skies for galaxies, nebula and the truth that is out there," the astronomer stated.

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This UFO sight has been reported to the popular organisation MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) by the astronomer.

This is not the first time cigar-shaped objects have been spotted by astronomers and UFOlogists. In November, astronomers had discovered a similar object which turned out to be the first interstellar asteroid. It was around 400 metres long, rocky with reddish hue and was named Oumuamua.


YouTube/ secureteam10