A South Carolina man allegedly pulled a .32 caliber pistol and opened fire in a movie theater on Friday night during a fight over assigned seats at a screening of the Marvel movie Black Panther.

The Greenville police arrested Chadwick Cherry, 40, and Shameeka Lynch, 30, in connection with the shooting. Cherry is believed to have fired one round at a crowded AMC theater in Greenville, WITN reported. The theater was evacuated after the incident but no one was injured.

The shooting happened during a screening of Black Panther, which has been smashing records at the worldwide box office.

Witnesses told the police that Cherry and other moviegoers had an argument over reserved seating.

Lynch turned herself in at the Pitt County Detention Center on Saturday, while Cherry was arrested later.

According to reports, Cherry has been charged with discharging a firearm and two counts of assault with deadly weapon. Lynch has been charged with similar crimes.

Black Panther
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After the incident, Mayor PJ Connelly told reporters on Saturday that such behavior would not be tolerated. He also thanked the police.

"We are sending a clear message, this type of behavior will not be tolerated," Connelly said, according to WITN.

Meanwhile, a judge set Lynch's bond at $250,000 and she is expected to appear in court on March 14.

Last year, two residents of UK's Lancaster city faced disorderly conduct charges after an argument over seats in the movie theatre that screened My Little Pony: The Movie.

Marjorie Garcia and Gina Acevedo, the residents in Lancaster city, got into a physical altercation over the seats, Fox 43 reported in October 2017.