Rakhi Sawant wedding

Rakhi Sawant, who has always been in the news for several right and wrong reasons, has just revealed that she has tied the knot with her NRI husband from UK, Ritesh. The duo got hitched in a private ceremony at JW Marriott hotel in Mumbai. The couple had a court marriage, followed by Hindu and a Christian wedding.

Revealing details about how Ritesh proposed to her, Rakhi said in an interview with Spotboye, "He was my fan ever since he first saw my first interview with Prabhu Chawla. He whatsapped me. Messaging and then talking to him, we became friends with the passage of time."

"This happened about a year-and-half back. Then in fact, he proposed if I would like to marry one of his friends.  'Dil mein ghanti nahin baji,' I told him. He promptly asked, 'Mere liye dil mein ghanti bajti hai kya?' I said I need time to think. As more time rolled by, I realised I was falling in love with Ritesh. And, it was happening so very naturally. Trust me, I met him for the first time only 15 days before our wedding. He came down and I was sure that I had met the right guy," she said.

Rakhi has said that she wouldn't want to share her husband's photo or get him under media spotlight as he wants to stay away from it. Rakhi has also said that she wants to save her marriage and thus would do what he wants.

Rakhi and Ritesh are also planning to have a baby by 2020 and have said that the world would get to see the picture of her husband when they get a maternity photoshoot done.