Rakhi Sawant reveals shocking details about her past life
Rakhi Sawant reveals shocking details about her past life.Facebook video screenshot

Bollywood's "item girl" Rakhi Sawant has been known as controversy's favourite child. She is often ridiculed and trolled for her drama and silly comments. However, her past life has been extremely challenging, which certainly would change a lot of people's perception of her.

Rakhi had once appeared on a chat show hosted by Rajeev Khandelwal where the "drama queen" had revealed darkest secrets of her early life. From her real name to being beaten black and blue by her uncle, from living life in extreme poverty to being physically exploited by industry people – Rakhi revealed all on the show.

Rakhi, whose real name is Neeru Bheda, had said that she came from an extremely poor family where they had to struggle every day for food. Her mother used to work as a hospital janitor and her father was a police constable.

Talking about her early life, a teary-eyed Rakhi had said that they were so financially backward that at times they used to feed on the leftover food of their neighbours.

She then said that she was passionate about dancing since childhood, but girls were not allowed to dance in her family. She then revealed that her maternal uncle used to beat her badly whenever she used to practice a little bit of dancing. "My uncle used to thrash me mercilessly. In my family, they bothered about having no food to eat, but they were bothered about a girl should not dance. I have been beaten so much in my life that my body is full of stitches. I bore all these just to go ahead in life," Rakhi said while again she broke down.

She then spoke about the struggles she faced to get a breakthrough in the industry after running away from her house. She had said that she was very young and innocent when she started looking for work in the industry. Whenever she used to approach producers or directors with her photos, they used to try to lock her inside the room, but somehow she used to escape.

"I was still a kid at that time. Whenever the producers used to tell me to 'show' what I got, I used to start dancing in front of them. But I did not know they wanted to see something else. They used to say we have seen enough of dance, show us that we want to see. I have been exploited, I am not denying that. I cannot tell anything more in detail," Rakhi said.

Rakhi said that she faced over 100 rejections, and while she was wondering the reason behind not getting work, she said someone blatantly told her that she would not get work for she did not have a good face or body.

She then decided to go under the knife and got cosmetic surgeries done for her nose and breast. This bold step made her get the first big work in the industry – the song video Mohabbat Hai Mirchi.

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