Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistan flag
Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistan flag.Instagram

Rakhi Sawant caused a stir a day ago when she posted a controversial picture on Instagram. Well, trust the Bollywood item girl and actress to always post something controversial in the form of videos or pictures on Instagram, but this time, her act did not go down well with her fans. It's because Rakhi Sawant posed with the Pakistan national flag and shared pictures on the social networking app.

Fans did not like it and Rakhi got obscene comments on her posts. A fan from India said on her post, "Rakhi mam usse aapni g**d saf karo...", while a Pakistani user commented, "you get out from social media because its not for b***h", adding, "teri rakhi mam ki g***d phar den gy jis din pakistan ai".

This, even when Rakhi Sawant had clarified in her caption that these pictures were from her movie Dhara 370, for which she is currently shooting in Manali. "I love my india but its my character in the film dhara 370," wrote Rakhi alongside her pictures. She plays a Pakistani girl in the film.

Rakhi Sawant also put out a video in Hindi, clarifying why she was posing with a Pakistan flag and explaining her stance on Pakistani citizens. Rakhi says in the video, "Main logon ko yeh batana chahti hoon ke main Dhara 370 mein ek Pakistani ladki dikhayi gayi hoon. Pakistani logon ke seene mein bhi dil hota hai, bahot pyaare hote hai. Sab bure nahin hote hain. Kuch log jo jihad karwaate hai logon ko, jo apne hee desh ke khilaaf, apne hee mulk ke khilaaf aur apne hee kaum ke khilaaf hote hain...jo Allah ke khilaaf bhi hote hain, jo humn bomb banate hain."

"Main Pakistan ki bahot respect karti hoon...," adds Rakhi Sawant. "Sab bure nahin hote. Har desh mein...koi na koi hota hai jo Allah ke khilaaf, Ishwar ke khilaaf jata hain." The gist of this is that all Pakistanis are not bad and that Rakhi respects the ones who help Indians. She only detests the jihadists. Watch the full video below to hear what Rakhi Sawant had to say about Pakistanis.

Recently, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan had also been slammed for a still from his upcoming movie Bharat, in which a Pakistan flag was hoisted. That was because the makers had recreated the Wagah Border for the movie in Punjab, but the fans there couldn't understand the logic and had reportedly filed a complaint against Salman Khan.

Check out Rakhi Sawant's video explaining her act with the Pakistan flag. She later also posted a glimpse of her song video from Dhara 370 that goes 'Allah'.

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Film name dhara 370

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 I love my india but its my character in the film dhara 370

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