Facebook bans picture of mother delivering her own baby for violating porn rules
Facebook bans picture of mother delivering her own baby for violating porn rulesInstagram

Childbirth is one of the most beautiful moments in the world. But, there is still some taboo around the topic in the world. And, Facebook appears to one of the firms still living with that stigma and they proved it by banning a beautiful childbirth picture.

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Recently, a woman in Taipei did a wonderful job by delivering her own baby while in labour. And this took place at the Dianthus MFM Center in Taiwanese capital.

Obstetrician Lin Tzu-hung, who also goes by his English name Jason Lin, took to Facebook to share a picture of this woman delivering her own child (with her permission).

The image did not feature any kind of nudity except some blood and bodily fluids which is quite natural in the process. According to Daily Mail, the unique delivery was possible because of the clinic's pain-free procedures as they use local anaesthetics.

He said: "This super brave mum just delivered her own baby. Beautiful."

Soon after that, the photo, which went viral with more than 10,000 likes, was automatically removed by Facebook after being branded as 'pornography'.

Later, doctor Lin took to Facebook to share his utmost disappointment over the matter, as he said, "Facebook banned my heart-warming mum self-delivery photo as pornography. I'm very upset."

Given that, he also wrote, "Let's start following Instagram, then. 'I was planning to move to Instagram anyway."

Doctor Lin later reposted the picture on Instagram as well which has received more than two thousand likes.

While Facebook has not yet responded with a detailed explanation about the matter, we hope the social media platform will later reinstate the picture.

In April 2016, Facebook had removed another beautiful childbirth picture claiming that it crossed the community guidelines.

Not only that, Facebook also banned the account of the childbirth photographer, Morag Hastings, for 30 days.

Hastings, the owner of Apple Blossom Families, later wrote in her blog: "The image that I posted was within Facebook's guidelines. The image did not contain 'fully exposed buttocks,' 'genitals' or a 'sexual act,' which are what Facebook's guidelines say they restrict. I also got a message that my page would be unpublished but at this point, it is still up."