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SHINee completed 10 years in the South Korean pop music industry on Friday and fans cannot be happier.

The boy band was formed by SM Entertainment in 2008 with five members: Onew, Key, Minho, Taemin and Jonghyun. Jonghyun committed suicide in December 2017 after battling depression for a long time.

The band is extremely popular across the world not because of their groovy music, but also for their highly synchronized and complex dance routines.

SHINee members also took time to thank their fans for their 10th-anniversary by writing handwritten letters with their signatures and small notes.

Onew wrote, according to allkpop: "Hello. It's our 10th-anniversary. I, too, am now 30-years-old after time passed since starting at the age of 20. As the time we spent together so far has turned into important memories, I hope the time we spend together in the future become even more important. Thank you so much for protecting and giving us love. I ask everyone to continue to support us."

Minho wrote: "To. SHINee world that just turned 10 years old~! SHINee world! My and our Shawol~ everyone~ Time really passed by quickly, it's been 10 years already. We meet on May 25, 2008, and now it's May 25, 2018. Us, who spent the last 10 years filled with happiness, memories, and sadness! I can't think of any other expression than 'Thank you so much', and so, thank you so much. Let's continue to make memories filled with happiness and tears of joy! Even though there are things I still lack, I'll make sure to show a more positive and better side of me. Let's be together always Shawols. Thank you and I love you so much."

Taemin wrote "Everyone~! Hello, it's Taemin^^;; After running for without being aware, it's become 10th-anniversary~ I imagined this day in the past but time is surely fast hehe. I wonder how you guys feel...I'm sure you all are feeling the same thing? An emotion you can't express through words. Like a habit, I said the expression 'For you' a lot, but I think I relied and leaned on you constantly. And so, to say it honestly, I would like to say, 'I'll continue to lean and rely on you'. I was always thankful and happy~ Please continue to take care of me moving forward~^^ I love you so much~."

Key wrote: "Even though I have a lot to say, let's communicate during our fan meeting event! SHINee's road will be remembered! 10th-anniversary! I love you."

Key also posted a picture of SHINee with the founder of SM Entertainment, Lee Soo Man, and wrote how much he misses Jonghyun.

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