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Model-turned-actor, and now entrepreneur, Sherlyn Chopra is known for her titillating pictures and alluring videos on social media platforms. The 36-year-old beauty has managed to stay in the limelight for close to two decades. From being the first Indian to grace the cover of Playboy to garnering accolades for her acting prowess in film and TV, she has done it all. And now in the age of nepotism debate and social media war, Sherlyn Chopra has turned entrepreneur and content creator with her brand new streaming platform 'Redsher'. 

The glamour queen is now a proud owner of OTT platforms, and some of the videos that are setting high record are 'Under The Skin', 'Losing Control', 'Mood For Love', 'Sexy Cravings' and many more.

In an exclusive tete-a-tete with International Business Times, Sherlyn Chopra opens up about the new OTT platform, the content that she curates, how does she deal with social media trolling and why explicit content is still considered taboo in India and more.

Excerpts from the interview

Sherlyn Chopra

Tell us about your OTT platform 'Redsher', what is it all about?

The idea of Redsher originated with the intention of creating high quality, original content for mass consumption at a highly reasonable subscription fee. As a streaming platform owner and a content creator, I intend to create content which is not only entertaining and delightful but also easily affordable by the youth across the globe.

What kind of content will the viewers get to see?

Sherlyn Chopra

Currently, there are high glamour & fashion videos and slideshows available on Redsher.
Very soon, Redsher will start streaming emotionally compelling and mentally stimulating short films and web-series.

Sherlyn Chopra

Your videos on social media are bold; how do you handle the vulgar comments on social media?

As I have zero tolerance for filth and dirt, I have instructed my digital team to block the accounts of all those individuals who post degrading and derogatory comments.

What does sex appeal mean to you?

It's one's mindset and state of being which makes one desirable. A great physicality with no compassion, kindness and humour is boring.

Sherlyn Chopra

Why is India so regressive in talking about sex? In the end, everyone sees it online but shies away from talking about it.

Our minds have been conditioned to believe that sex is meant for procreation and not merely for pleasure. Also, we have been conditioned to believe that sex makes an individual spiritually dirty and morally corrupt. It is these false premises that have created double standards in our society. Also, most sections of the society believe that men have the birthright to engage in polygamy while women are born for monogamy.

Sherlyn Chopra hot

Have you felt bad and disgusted in life when someone said something nasty to you, how did you handle it?

Initially, I used to take comments rooted to body-shaming and slut-shaming very personally.
Not anymore as now I understand that my self-worth is dependant solely on my perception of myself.

Sherlyn Chopra

What goes into making yourself confident and being comfortable in your skin?

Meditation helps me become aware of my limiting beliefs, insecurities and false premises. It also helps me align with the wellness and goodness of the universe at large.

Bollywood projects if any?

I have produced a collection of short stories which will be out soon on Redsher. After which, the production of a highly thrilling web-series will be started.

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