Sharmiela Mandre has warned the media houses, which have dragged her name into the ongoing Sandalwood drug scandal, of taking legal action for airing and publishing "baseless stories" against her. She has denied the links with the people arrested in the drug racket.

Sharmiela Mandre
Sharmiela Mandre.PR Handout

The actress has said that she is hurt by the false reports aired by a section of media and alleged those channels have own agendas. She tweeted,"I am extremely hurt about various false and mischievous allegations made against me by certain news channels and individuals linking me to the controversial drug scandal. No doubt, these channels and individuals have their own agendas and motives. [sic]"

Sharmiela Mandre stated that the media houses cannot make false claims in the name of freedom of expression to increase their TRP ratings. "Increasing their own TRP ratings. However, their commercial interests and the freedom of speech and expression cannot justify the making of unfounded and baseless allegations. Please understand that I am an individual with a reputation earned over many years of hard work," she wrote.

Mandre added, "To clarify, I do not know and have never even met the individuals I have been linked with in these spurious stories. I have so far not reacted to these baseles allegations because that's exactly what they are-baseless."

The 30-year old said that the media should not take her silence for granted and wrote, "If my silence is encouraging people to make wilder and more fanciful allegations with every passing day,I cannot continue to remain quiet. I will not hesitate to initiate civil and criminal proceedings against all those responsible for publishing or airing such baseless stories.[sic]"

Sharmiela Mandre
Sharmiela Mandre.Sharmiela Mandre Instagram

The actress and a few of her family members have tested Covid-19 positive. She had said recently that they have mild symptoms and they are quarantined at home. 

In April, the Sajni actress was accused of defying lockdown norms after her car had rammed into a railway bridge. She suffered minor injuries and a case was filed against her and her friend at High Ground Police Station in Bengaluru.

Coming back to the drug scandal, the CCB police have arrested a few people in connection with the case that includes actress Ragini Dwivedi. It has to be noted that Sanjjanna Galrani's name was also dragged after her friend was taken into custody.