We have been waiting for the Season 6 premiere of "Shameless" since 5 April, and since 17 January is too far away we have got you juicy tidbits on what can be expected. In the first episode of "Shameless" season 6, titled "I Only Miss her when I'm Breathing", we will get to see how Debbie's future pans out, and if she is really pregnant.

In the previous season, we saw Debbie (Emma Kenney) getting closer to her boyfriend Derek (Luca Oriel) and even visiting his family. She sees how close and "normal" they are, and decides that she wants to be a part of it. When the couple decides to have sex, Debbie lies to Derek and says that she is on birth control.

She is hoping to get pregnant and then tie him down, so that the two of them can get married and raise a baby together, which in her mind, Debbie thinks is a normal family. She really has no real adult to look up to; her father Frank (William H. Macy) and elder sister Fiona (Emmy Rossum) are barely adults themselves and have a string of bad relationships to their credit.

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In the final scene from the finale, Debbie is seen staring at a pregnancy test, sighing which can be read as enthusiastic and concerned. As she was happy with the result, she probably is pregnant and the reality of the whole situation just hit her, which must have led her to get terrified for the future.

Throughout season 5, we saw Debbie trying to look and act mature, changing the way she looks, learning how to fight so she can defend herself and even pursuing to have sex for the first time. While figuring out her path, she ended up raping a young man while he was drunk and found Derek, who seemed to love her for who she really is.

However, he has great dreams, and like Debbie yearns for the stability of his family, Derek dreams to leave the nest and carve a future for himself. If Debbie really is pregnant then his dreams will have to be kept on hold, as they figure out how to proceed. The pregnancy will show the viewers why pro-choice is important, especially when it comes to young people, who aren't equipped to deal with a pregnancy, let alone a baby.

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