The lewd conversations from The Bois Locker Room had created quite a stir on social media after a series of screenshots from the private group were leaked online. The group members were a bunch of teenage girls and boys studying in elite Delhi schools.

The conversation was leaked after one of the boys from the group took a screenshot and shared it with someone else and before it was shared by one of the girls in the group who was targeted. The particular conversation involved boys discussing raping girls. The cybercrime cell of the Delhi Police has made two arrests in the case.

Shahid Kapoor, Mira Rajput
Shahid Kapoor, Mira RajputInstagram

Many celebrities were appalled by the leaked conversation that made them wonder who the minds of young boys and girls have become polluted in this age of technology. And among several celebrities was also Shahid Kapoor's wife Mira Rajput who shared her views on the matter.

Mira took to Instagram to share an excerpt from an essay written by Rega Jha who had penned it three years ago. Rega had shared the essay on her Instagram saying how relevant it was even today after coming across the lewd conversation of the Bois Locker Room.

Mira Rajput
Mira RajputInstagram

The note says that parents in India should teach boys at young age on how to behave with girls and avoid any kind of assault or violence.

"Teach your sons how to express emotion. That violence is not an option. That nobody, no matter what they're wearing or drinking, "deserves" or "asks for" it.

Instead of our parents teaching us to be wary of men, raise your sons to be men who don't need to be feared.

Instead of our parents teaching us how to avoid assault, teach your sons that it is unforgivable to assault women.

Instead of our parents teaching us how to navigate an untrustworthy world, teach your sons to change it," read the excerpt shared by Mira Rajput on Instagram.

Mira Rajput,

After the lewd conversation of the Bois Locker Room were leaked online, similar conversations objectifying men from the Girls Locker Room had also surfaced online. It has also created quite a storm and raised several eyebrows over the intention of these apparent leaks.