Vidya Balan is not just a powerhouse of talent but also an incredibly gutsy woman. At a time when actresses were happy with playing female leads with hardly any meat to their roles and focused more on their looks; it was Vidya who chose to break the shackles of stereotype and stand out. Balan chose the path less trodden and did films which established her as a bigger and more stronger name than the Khans.

However, Vidya's path wasn't an easy one. It took a long time for people to understand that she wasn't ready to conform to the societal norms. Her fashion choices to her weight gain, a lot was questioned, but the Dirty Picture actress never caved in.

Shahid Kapoor, Kabir Singh, Vidya Balan
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Vidya - the fashion disaster

It was on Koffee with Karan where Karan Johar quizzed Vidya Balan about how she felt on being termed the 'fashion disaster', Viyda said, "I don't really blame them for calling me a fashion disaster because, post Hey Babby, I lost perspective. Up until then, I had only been heaped praises. So suddenly now when people were criticising something.. .even though they weren't criticising my performances, it was clothes and I said to myself 'my god! This is the end of the world for me. So I started trying to do things differently. And that was not me. Trying to just fit in and thinking 'maybe this is the right thing to do.'"

Vidya - Shahid affair

From films the conversation veered towards Shahid Kapoor, who was allegedly dating Vidya Balan once. When Karan asked what went wrong there, Balan said, "There was no issue there. I was completely misquoted (an old interview of Vidya about reacting to Shahid's statement on not working with her)." When Karan further asked what went there she believes in the saying that there is no smoke without fire, Vidya said, "I do."

Not ready to give up, when Johar further prodded her asking, "So in this case there was no smoke or no fire?" To which, a candid Vidya had said, "No, no. I am not saying that there was no smoke and there wasn't fire. I am saying I am not telling you who was stoking that fire."