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Ever since the release of the blockbuster hit Kabir Singh, Shahid Kapoor has been flying high and why not! The film, though received a lot of criticism, made a whopping Rs 270.43 crore at the box office in just a month. Shahid Kapoor's performance is expected to sweep away many awards this year.

Shahid Kapoor has reportedly hiked his fee to Rs 35-40 crores post the magnanimous success of Kabir Singh. However, Shahid has outrightly rejected the claims. Talking to an entertainment portal, Shahid said, "I have to sign a film to receive any money. I think the only people who are making money are Bhushan Kumar and Murad Khetani. I have exactly the same bank balance I had before Kabir Singh, I have to sign another project before I get paid."

In an interview with HT, talking about the backlash the film received for being misogynistic, Shahid said, "You can't take a simplistic view of a very complex character like Kabir. There are many layers to him. Some layers are deplorable and terrible. And some layers are actually beautiful."

"The layer of unconditional love, of love in which you are ready to destroy yourself was actually a very beautiful layer. The layer of violence and I never saw this as misogyny- because Kabir Singh's violent streak was not towards any particular sex. His aggression was inherent in his personality, it was not gender-related. So I frankly felt that the criticism was a bit misplaced. There have been films in the recent past which had characters exhibiting similar traits but no one really picked on them this way," added Shahid.

Well, we might agree with what the character of Kabir Singh does in the movie but Shahid's performance has made us believe that he truly deserves a much bigger amount.