Shah Rukh Khan's Fans Want him to Adapt Graphic Novel Atharva - The Origin into Film
Shah Rukh Khan's Fans Want him to Adapt Graphic Novel 'Atharva - The Origin' into FilmYouTube/Screenshot

Shah Rukh Khan's fans have urged the Superstar to adapt Ramesh Tamilmani's graphic novel "Atharva - The Origin" into film after watching his gorgeous look in its trailer released on YouTube.

"Atharva - The Origin" is a new age graphic novel project by Virzu Studios featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the titular Character. The novel is set in mythological era and tells the story of a prospective king who makes a lone, difficult journey. Atharva chronicles that journey, where he encounters magnificent lands and strange beasts - a true treat for the soul and senses.

It will take the genre of graphic novel to a new age territory. With a fluid storyline and illustrations of imaginary characters, it will be more than just a comic book. It will be a precursor to a future movie production and an immersive experience as the reader undertakes a journey with the hero into strange and mystical lands in a gripping tale about loss, struggle and self-actualisation.

Virzu Studios unleashed the official trailer of "Atharva - The Origin" on YouTube on 2 January. The one-minute video features Shah Rukh Khan in never-before-seen avatar. His fans are very much impressed with his look in the video and some feel that the actor should adapt the graphic novel into a movie under his production house, Red Chillies.

After watching the trailer of "Atharva - The Origin", some Shah Rukh Khan fans expressed their views in the comment box. Continue to see them below.

Radesh Domun

SRK should make this into a film, as one of his big red chillies production films, will take indian cinema to the next level

Mouhssin Noumi

Virzu studios and Red chillies entertainment should adapt " Atharva the oregine " to a mega budget movie with a high class vfx in the level of Hollywood productions


wow that is amazing..cant wait to see him..SRK looks fantastic and music is so good

Umaimah Abdulhadi

WOW!! It's amazing i can't wait to see this movie & our king SRk


WOW!!! What is this!!! SRK's eyes are small and cold but damn good sleek trailer. Would love to know more about this. I can't miss anything SRK"s related. Great work guys. Well done.