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  • Social media users post abusive comments on Anushka Sharma's Facebook page
    Social media users post abusive comments on Anushka Sharma's Facebook pageAnushka Sharma/Facebook
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    Mitchell Johnson's Facebook page is filled with abusive commentsScreenshot/Mitchell Johnson
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    Sresanth becomes the latest victim to online abuse.Sexually Frustrated Mallu/ Facebook

A group of friends from Kerala seems to have discovered an antidote to the so-called online sexual frustration ― a Facebook page to expose the social media abusers among Malayalis.

The Facebook page, "Sexually Frustrated Mallu", that was created in November 2014 has gained popularity among Keralites ever since the Supreme Court repealed the controversial Section 66A of IT Act as it curbed freedom of speech and expression.

However, many cyber-abusers seem to have taken advantage of the new development by posting lewd remarks online, especially on the Facebook and Twitter profiles of many celebrites.

The title of the Facebook page may seem derogatory to many in the southern state, but others believe that it is time for Kerala's renowned abusers to evaluate themselves.

On the About section of the viral page, the admins have asked visitors to "share the posts which will help see the hypocrisy that exists in a subset of our society."

Many celebrities, including anchor Ranjini Haridas, actress Rachana Narayanankutty and "Kiss of Love" activist Arundhathi B Nalukettil, were among the victims of such cyber-abuses.

While one of the admins has revealed that they are being threatened by certain offenders, many others have requested them to save their faces by removing the "ugly" posts from their viral page.

"We have received a lot of responses to our page. Some offenders threaten they will continue to do what they want, but others have apologized and begged us to remove their ugly posts from the page," NDTV quoted one of the admins as saying.

"Anomymity is the only weapon we have in self-defense. If we make ourselves public our social media accounts will be decimated," the admin added.

On Thursday, Anushka Sharma's Facebook page was filled with obscene remarks in Malayalam, blaming her for boyfriend Virat Kohli's one-run stint during the India-Australia semi-finals in Sydney.

Similarly, Tennis player Maria Sharapova had also become a victim to Malayalam abuses after she asked, "Who is Sachin Tendulkar?" in July 2014.