Amid condemnations and threats, FYI's social experiment "Seven Year Switch" is still going strong, but as the finale episode inches closer, viewers are worried that the participants have not really learned to love their spouses at all.

In episode 4 "Road to Intimacy", we saw the all the designated couples interact with each other for the last time, before they come face-to-face with their real-life spouses.

CW and Danielle, who seem to be having the most fun together of all the couples, probably see a new partner in each other and there is huge possibility that they refuse to get back together with their actual spouses. In the last episode, they went to the location Danielle and Eric got married, and surprisingly for Danielle she did not miss her husband at all.

The two of them have a lot of fun together and admitted to each other that they appreciated the connection they share. CW revealed to Danielle that he was married once before he was with Rachel, and Danielle confesses that she would rather be with her assigned husband than with Eric, because the former motivated her.

Meanwhile their respective spouses, who are cohabiting together for "Seven Year Switch", are dealing with the fact that Eric isn't as open with Rachel as she is with him. At the behest of Dr Griffin the couple takes a fishing trip that allows for them to speak about their marriages a little bit.

At dinner Eric told Rachel how he proposed to Danielle, but Rachel is bothered that he did not ask his father-in-law for his daughter's hand in marriage. However, Eric did admit to having fun with Rachel and even listened to her as she related her anxiety in CW being promoted as an executive in his company. She fears that the added responsibilities would tear her and her husband further apart.

'Seven Year Switch' Spoilers: Stranger Couples Exchange Spouses; Are their 'Fantasies Fulfilled'?

While work pressure looms over Rachel and Eric's marriage, Neal and Leah's marriage is plagued with infidelity of both parties. Although Neal had told his assigned partner Aleshia that he has not slept with any woman other his wife after their marriage, he later admitted that he has slept around a couple of times; but it was merely physical, he had clarified.

He had also told Aleshia that he really wants to have children, but he isn't sure if he wants them with his wife Leah. If that isn't making a move on his assigned wife, we don't know what is.

So Leah's lack of trust in the experiment isn't really misplaced. Her husband is moving closer towards the "switch" wife rather than his real one. Leah is getting agitated with how her marriage has turned out and tells her partner Houston that this experiment is not saving either of their marriages.

Although Houston tries to calm her down, he admits that Leah's outburst has allowed for him to appreciate his wife Aleshia's easy-going personality. Meanwhile, Leah has learned to appreciate Neal's drive to resolve every issue himself.

So, it seems like the only two people even remotely close to appreciating their marriage are Houston and Aleshia.

The upcoming episode of "Seven Year Switch" wherein the couples will meet the spouses, will be aired by FYI at 9.00 pm (EST) on Tuesday, 4 August.