FYI, a channel has devoted itself to conducting romance experiments on couples, has started airing "Sever Year Switch" in the slot of "Married at First Sight", after its tragic season 2 finale. The show describes itself as a social experiment that allows long-term couples to rekindle their love by staying apart, aired its premiere episode titled "Switch Therapy" on Tuesday, 7 July on the FYI Network.

In season 1 episode 1, four couples Eric & Daniel, Houston & Alisha, CW & Rachel, and Leah & Neal, who have been together for long periods of time, and are facing marital troubles are introduced. Each of them tell their stories – how they met and fell in love, how their marriages took a turn for the worst and why they are still willing to fight for it.

Once they were introduced they all got paired up with one half of another couple that is participating in the series. Neal got paired up with Alisha, Houston with Leah, Eric with Rachel and CW with Danielle. In episode 2, "Initial Attraction", the new couples shifted to the quarters they would live in during the course of the experiment.

One catch was that each couple got one bed each, and experts reasoned that they wanted to create an environment of tension, which this not-so-reasonable sleeping situation established. Along with the unwelcome sleeping situation, couples also have to deal with someone else's spouse for the course of eight weeks, after they are taken back to meet their own spouse.

Like "Married at First Sight", the couple taking part in "Seven Year Switch" will also be guided by resident experts - Clinical Psychologist Dr Dan Shapiro and clinical and forensic psychologist Jessica Griffin.

Will the couples find that the grass is indeed greener on the other side, or will separation bring them closer together? At the end of the experiment the couples have to choose to either stay with their spouses or say their goodbyes.

Watch "Seven Year Switch", which will be aired at 9.00 pm (EST) on Tuesdays to follow the experiment. Season 1 Episode 3 of the reality series, titled "Fantasies Fulfilled"*, will be aired on 21 July in FYI network.


Tonight on #SevenYearSwitch, emotions run high for some couples, but can stranger spouses be supportive of each other? We'll find out at 9/8c!

Posted by FYI Television Network on Tuesday, 21 July 2015