Seven Day Queen, the KBS historical drama that is also known as Queen For Seven Days, will be back with episode 19 next Wednesday, August 2, at 10 pm KST. The chapter will probably feature Shin Chae Kyung behind bars.

The female lead was really angry with Lee Yeok after knowing that he failed to protect her parents, Shin Soo Geun and Lady Kwon. The title character, who was crowned as Queen Dan Kyung in episode 18, was so furious with Prince Jinseong Daegun a.k.a King Jungjong that she tried to kill him.

So, Park Min Young's character will probably face jail time in the upcoming episode. Since Dowager Queen Jasun and Minister Park Won Jong are desperate to dethrone the newly crowned Queen, the male protagonist may not be able to help her out.

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Seven Day Queen
Shin Chae Kyung could face jail time in Seven Day Queen episode 19.KBS

The viewers were already hinted about the demise of Shin Chae Kyung in the premiere episode and she is sure to be dethroned as the title itself explains the time period of her life as a queen. But the fans are still hoping to see a happy ending for the onscreen couple.

"Next week will be the last two episodes, I am really fudging wonder how this will end. I hope it'll have a different ending than the real life," wrote a viewer named Jamyla. "This is too sad, can't bear the ending," stated another fan.

7 Day Queen
Remember - War Of The Son star Park Min Young as Shin Chae Kyung in KBS drama 7 Day Queen.Facebook/KBS

The Korean period drama is loosely based on real life events of King Jungjong. So far, the show has been following the patterns of historical events. If it continues to do so, then Shin Chae Kyung and Lee Yeok will not get their happy ending in the finale.

The mini-series has already teased a relationship between King Jungjong and Minister Park Won Jong's niece, Yoon Myung Hye. The historical arc hints that the duo will tie the knots towards the end.

Find out what lies ahead for the royal brothers and Shin Chae Kyung next Wednesday at 10 pm KST. Until then, catch up with the first 18 episodes online here.