Seven Day Queen
Park Min Young as Queen Dangyeong in upcoming Korean drama Seven Day Queen.Youtube/screenshot

Seven Day Queen, which is also known as Queen For Seven Days, is an upcoming Korean drama, which will be aired on KBS2 every Wednesdays and Thursdays from May 31.

The mini-series revolves around a love triangle between Queen Dangyeong, King Joongjong and Yeonsangun. Remember - War Of The Son star Park Min Young will portray the female protagonist and she will also be known as Shin Chae Kyung.

The two male leads in the period drama will be portrayed by Introverted Boss actor Yeon Woo Jin and Laurel Tree Tailors star Lee Dong Gun. While Yeon Woo Jin will be playing the role of King Joongjong, Lee Dong Gun will portray Yeonsangun.

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Other celebrities to appear in Seven Day Queen include Chansung as Seo No, Jang Hyun Sung as Shin Soo Geun, Do Ji Won as Queen Jasoon, Son Eun Seo as Jang Nok Soo, Yoo Min Kyu as Ki Ryong, Ko Bo Gyeol as Myung Hye, Kang Shin Il as Im Sa Hong and Park Won Sang as Park Won Jongamong others.

KBS has recently released a teaser trailer of the upcoming Korean drama, which is written by Choi Jin Young and directed by Lee Jung Sub. The footage features the three lead characters and it hints at a love triangle between the three of them.

Seven Day Queen is one of the highly anticipated Korean dramas to premiere in May, as it will take viewers through the fight for throne and lot of blood-sheds due to it.