Selena and Weeknd
Selena Gomez and Abel TesfayeNicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Huffington Post

It has been months since Selena Gomez underwent a kidney transplant, which she opened up about recently on her Instagram. Fans have shown concern and worry and showered Selena's social media with positive messages and it's finally time for them to rest as sources have told People that she's recovering just fine and feeling healthier than ever.

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"She's really bounced back more quickly than everyone expected," claims the source about the star, who has been all geared up for work this month, shooting for an untitled Woody Allen movie. She has been seemingly "wonderful" at work, as the source admitted. "She shows up looking rested and in a great mood and seems to take great care of herself."

Cold-pressed juices and healthy meals are her priorities all through the day on sets, according to the source. The "Fetish" and "Bad Liar" singer was also spotted exploring the outsides with her little pup Charlie, as opposed to how "lethargic" and "worn out" she was feeling all summer, prior to her surgery, as reported by another close source to People.

The donor was one of her closest friends, Francia Raisa, who is known for her role in The Secret Life of An American Teenager. Selena had thanked her immensely, on the same Instagram post, for the gesture.

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The source also said: "She knows this surgery changed her life. Selena is feeling much better now and she is really excited about the future."

However, special shoutout to her boyfriend, The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye, for how caring and attentive he has been throughout the ordeal that Selena went through. "Abel has visited her and he keeps checking in on Selena via FaceTime," added the source. "She is excited when he calls and they seem very happy together."

One of Selena's insiders claimed, "Abel has been one of her biggest supports. She had been traveling with him on his tour and he was off during her surgery and right after during her recovery," the insider says. He's been very caring and it's meant a lot to her to have him by her side."

From frolicking around together in New York City to rescheduling performances around Selena's medical condition – the 'Starboy' singer has been doing everything to make sure he is "good for" her.