Dr. Aisha does not exist

Fact-Check: COVID victim Dr. Aisha does not exist; fake images, fake story go viral

Dr Aisha tugged at the heartstrings of India. Her posts on Twitter, her moving story on how she lost the battle to COVID-19 and more. Many celebrities and the media prayed for her and sympathised. It was then alleged that the woman (or a man) is actually running a fake Twitter account. This has led to much confusion about the identity of the 'doctor'. 1 day ago
Coronavirus patient in hospital

Check COVID hospital bed availability in Bengaluru | full list

Since the BBMP announced its new dashboard showcasing the hospital beds available in the city, there have still been complaints of it not loading or that the hospitals are still refusing to admit patients. The BBMP has issued an alternate link to the dashboard now, we check the hospital beds available in real-time. 16 days ago