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Bollywood demands justice for Jayaraj and Fenix, challenge selective activism critics

When Bollywood celebs spoke up for George Floyd, calling out police brutality on a global scale, netizens were both aghast and offended about silence on so many issues and concerns, when the same incidents were replicated in India. Now, as some Bollywood celebrities came forward to condemn police brutality on home turf, is Bollywood redeeming itself, was there a change of heart, or it's just a coincidence. 9 days ago
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Explained: Why Trump's H-1B visa freeze may not be entirely bad for India

The USCIS is tightening immigration laws in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. While many analysts believe that Trump's proclamation shutting doors for skilled foreign workers will hurt profit margins of India's IT industry, there are few other thinkers who believe that it's an opportune time for India to shine bright. 11 days ago