IAF to go in for more AESA radars

DRDO offers its in-house AESA radar tech to private firms

AESA radar makes the workload of the pilot that much easier to manage with a high probability of mission success. It has the capability to track and destroy multiple targets simultaneously in the air and on the surface from stand-off distances. Aug 30, 2018
Air force jaguar crash

Pilot survives as second IAF Jaguar crashes

This is the second incident wherein a Jaguar craft has crashed in Gujarat. The first incident occurred on June 5 in Kutch leading to the death of Air Commodore Sanjai Chauhan. Jun 8, 2018
Air force jaguar crash

IAF's Jaguar fighter jet crashes in Gujarat's Kutch, pilot dead

The aircraft is said to have been carrying out a routine training mission when the incident took place. The pilot of the Jaguar jet Air Cmde Sanjay Chauhan lost his life in the crash. A Court of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of the accident. Jun 5, 2018