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Director Chandoo Mondeti's Telugu movie Savyasachi (also spelt as Savyasaachi) starring Naga Chaitanya, R Madhavan and Nidhhi Agerwal, has received positive review and rating from the audience.

Savyasachi is an action film and director Chandoo Mondeti has written the script for the movie, which is produced by Naveen Yerneni, CV Mohan, Y Ravi Shankar under the banner Mythri Movie Makers. The flick has received a U/A certificate and it has a runtime of 2.30 hours. Savyasachi movie stills.

Savyasachi movie story: Savyasachi means Ambidextrous, which means a person able to use the right and left hands equally well. As the title suggests, the movie is about a twin brother who is absorbed by Naga's character in the womb and controls his left hand. Unscientifically called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. How this issue helps the hero forms the crux of the movie.

Performances: Naga Chaitanya and R Madhavan have delivered good performances, which are the highlights of Savyasachi. Nidhhi Agerwal looks glamorous and her chemistry with Chay is good. Bhumika Chawla, Vennela Kishore, Dishita Sehgal, Rao Ramesh, Thagubothu Ramesh and Bharath Reddy have also done good jobs, say the audience.

Technical: Savyasachi had decent production values and MM Keeravani's songs and background score, J Yuvaraj's cinematography, action choreography and dialogues are attractions on the technical front, add the viewers.

Savyasachi movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' reaction to the film shared on Twitter. Continue to see the audience's response.

Raghava‏ @Raghava4mahesh

#Savyasachi : Outstanding first half content,screenplay,comedy everything has worked @chay_akkineni @AgerwalNidhhi lead pair chemistry is superb pre-interval song super Interval scene @ActorMadhavan #Savyasachi : Chandoo Mondeti pakka Akkineni fan screenplay champi avathala essadu 100% love, Tadakha,RRVC, Savyasachi Best career first half's for @chay_akkineni career Nag films references,Varasudu movie style lo college scenes fans ki goosebumps Hello Brother ki twin characters ela big plus ayyindo #Savyasachi ki Vanishing twin Syndrome ante range lo plus ayindi content, Mass fights, entertainment @chay_akkineni one's best entertainer padindi it's a definitely watchable #Savyasachi movie my rating 3.25/5 @chay_akkineni @AgerwalNidhhi @ActorMadhavan @MythriOfficial @mmkeeravaani perfect executions in screenplay and entertainment supporting characters all are worthy Skit comedy follows Allari Alludu remix song aaa tharvatha mass fight @chay_akkineni #ChandooMondeti addeskunaruu fans ki kavalisina stuff untudhi #Savyasachi

VAMSI KRISHNA Paladu‏ @VPaladu

@vennelakishore Bhayya just done with the movie #Savyasachi what an acting bhayya you are just amazing with ur dialogue delivery You just rocked in the drama scene you are our generation bramhabandam The movie is excellent bhayya congrats for the success @MythriOfficial The success track carries on just done with the movie #Savyasachi The movie is so good and the locations in the movies remind us how much effort and money the production has given The movie is definitely a pre diwali winner congrats for the success @chay_akkineni It's been so long for me to see you in the success track which I felt you got it without any negative talk on the movie.Just done watching the movie #Savyasachi You are brilliant with the work it's so difficult to handle the left hand and you made it possible Congrats for the success Chai really feeling so happy for you the best awaited hit after your marriage Your hard work is paid off waiting for some more movie ahead which always shows you the success Chai @AgerwalNidhhi Just loved your performance in the movie #Savyasachi you look so cute and gorgeous The character is so apt for you in the movie you just killed me with your expressions ❤ Congrats for the success

Srikar Chagarlamudi‏ @chsrikar777

First half : entertaining & getting into characters (hit 1st half) Second half : blockbuster ; u can see never before @chay_akkineni #Savyasachi title song goosebumps #family #emotion #sentiment #bgm #action #comedy #thriller all in one #BlockbusterSavyasachi This fight sequence was all done & dusted by left hand only #PowerOfSavyasachi this one fight is more than all previous @chay_akkineni fights ... #Savyasachi anipinchukunadu #BlockBusterSavyasachi

Naga Sravanthi‏ @Sravanthicuty

#Savyasachi #SavyasachiOnNov2 First half good with excellent interval bang... #Savyasachi #SavyasachiUSAonNov1st Good first half and superb 2nd half. @chay_akkineni handsome and so much ease in action episodes. @ActorMadhavan main pillar of the movie. Kudos to @mmkeeravaani gaaru for his superb music and awesome BGM @AgerwalNidhhi @MythriOfficial

venkat naresh‏ @abefa1a2a333408

#Savyasachi done with the Show....simply amazing...Chat acting, dance & fights alround performance is peaks......all 3fights are amazing..good entertainment and love story.... verdict: Blockbuster. #laggayatthu is eye feast...

400 not out‏ @sankranthiPunju

#Savyasachi Over all super hit #1sthalf : full length entertainment... #2nd half full length thriller asal expect cheyam.. Awesome dance from #NagaChaitanyaAkkineni Preclimax Lo #Savyasachi song racha asal arachakam @peaks Malli cheptuna cinema #blockbuster

Vikkyy‏ @Vikas20105

#Savyasachi #Savyasachipremier @chay_akkineni @Samanthaprabhu2 very good first half with nice comedy & songs. Interval bang is awesome. #fanmoment Chain ayyina Chunni ayanna valla hand lo padithe aaa charisma ne veru. #Savyasachi #ChandooMondeti Eee fight aithe rajamouli level undi Nag fan anipinchukunnav @ @Samanthaprabhu2 @chay_akkineni this is a perfect film for u. All the fight sequences are awesome.

America kurradu‏ @saikrishnapspk

#Savyasachi Review : Plus Points : interval Bang Climax & Chay & Madhavan Scenes Movie Was Good Fuck of Fake Reviews Guyss Movie Was Osm Here its Our Review #SavyasachiFromToday

ֆʊʀʏǟ‏ @_IamSuryaTej

Nc Ok first half with few interesting scenes, waiting for 2nd !! #Savyasachi Good 2nd half , Super bgm Overall Abv average #Savyasachi 2nd half bagundhira...abv avg

MB‏ @Keshav4005

Good interval block rest of first half is just average.... Few laughs btw Chay - Vennela Kishore.... @AgerwalNidhhi #Savyasachi Avg bomma.... #Savyasachi 2.78/5 @chay_akkineni kummesadu 2nd half #Chay - #Maddy scenes r good... #Nidhhi only for songs Entertainment in parts.... Concept bagundi but #Chandoo mama inka baga teeyalsindhi.... overall one time watch

Dheeraj Batchu‏ @dheerajbatchu

Just done with first half #savyasachi!! Great performance by @chay_akkineni @AgerwalNidhhi!! Superb comedy and entertainment @vennelakishore !! Great Interval bang!! #Blockbuster Done with #SavyaSachi @chay_akkineni Amazinggg performance!!! #BlockBusterSavyasachi Rating-3.5/5

Solleti Rajinikanth‏ @manyasolleti

#Savyasachi – U/A – 2:30 hrs - Super Hit first half- Blockbuster second half @chay_akkineni best film as an actor as well as at #fansreport Rating: – 3.5/5 Don't miss it. #BlockBusterSavyasachi @AgerwalNidhhi first movie as a block buster grand welcome to tollywood

vj1909‏ @vj1909

#Savyasachi Last 40 minutes is engaging but overall disappointing due to slow paced first half. Chaitu In Dance & Fights Title song

Nikhil Gadalay‏ @gadalay343

Just completed watching #savyasachi...pretty ordinary stuff....okay story with improper screenplay...another below average movie for Chay... script mida inka work cheyalsindi....first half lo zero story...only love episodes....second half lo kuda inconsistent also very disappointed

Cherry •°‏ @Wasimcherry

• #Savyasachi : Cmdy, Emotional, Diff Story Concept ! • @chay_akkineni Babu Style, Acting, DanCe Specially fight Scenes Maxt ! @AgerwalNidhh Simply Nyc ! • Kirawani Garu Meeru Bhahubali Mve NunXi nkaa Bayataki Raledanukunta ! OverAwll Hittu Bomma ️ !

TeluguCinema‏ @Telugucinema13

Savyasachi: Film Review – A Novel and an Entertaining Theme @chay_akkineni amazes by portraying his character effortlessly while Madhavan plays with right amount of maturity. Nidhhi makes a promising debut Verdict: #Savyasachi is an interesting concept that's decently executed.

SHIVA ANE NENU‏ @Jamadagani

First half.. settled for average Story setup lefthand problem explanation good.. Not going to subject kills the pace of movie Entertainment works in parts #SavyaSachi waiting for second half Second half opens with interesting cat and mouse game between Chai and madavan looks griping in parts.. Action blocks terrific overall very good movie to watch #SavyaSachi

Pavan‏ @Pavan63182620

First half done #Savyasachi ok first half 10 min to see #padmavyuham @MythriOfficial great production values.. @ActorMadhavan roraing the screen in 2nd half #Savyasachi elevation scenes are awesome.. @ActorMadhavan roaring in 2nd man show in shoulders.. @MythriOfficial @chay_akkineni carrer best performance..overall movie is good except love track

Sudheer Rockzz‏ @Sudheer81217251

#SavyaSachi - Ok 1st half and Good 2nd half. HIT Positives First 15 mins which establish the basic plot of the movie @chay_akkineni makeover in performance and dances @ActorMadhavan terrific screen Second half and all the action episodes Negatives Few sequences in first half


#Savyasachi : Super Entertainer with lot of fun moments and family emotion... @chay_akkineni Chaitanya garu mass performance ☄️ @vennelakishore and #sathya full comedy Heroine @AgerwalNidhhi lovely screen presence given fresh feel to the cute love story

Naveen‏ @Naveenforboss

Watched #Savyasachi it's honest attempt from team and #ChandooMondeti I love writing of chandoo @chay_akkineni was rocking with his carrer best @MythriOfficial @mmkeeravaani gaaru BGM champesaru watch and enjoy the movie #Savyasachi #SavyasachiFromToday my rating 3.5/5