The Saudi Arabian security forces reportedly busted an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) cell on the outskirts of Mecca on Thursday. At least five alleged ISIS members were in hiding at the suburb near Mecca in Jeddah.

The Saudi armed forces and police on Thursday conducted a raid in the Wadi Numan area of Jeddah where the five ISIS members were hiding, the Jerusalem Post reported. Security forces deployed helicopters and personnel on the ground to surround the area.

Of the five in hiding, two died during the operation and two reportedly committed suicide. The condition of the fifth alleged ISIS member is not known.

The Jerusalem Post quoted sources in Saudi Arabia as saying that the group was preparing to attack an emergency force base that was 5 km away from the suburb.

On May 1, Saudi forces had killed two suspected militants and arrested one. Another suspect had fled the scene. He, Oqab al-Otaibi, was arrested the following day, Reuters reported. Al-Otaibi, 29, was reportedly linked to the bombing of Special Emergency Forces' mosque in Asir, Asharq Al Awsat reported. He was also reportedly involved in opening fire at worshippers at the Al-Mustafa Mosque in Al-Dalwa, the murder of a brigadier and also in terror activities organised by the Dhurma cell.

The militants were also suspected to have killed a senior security officer outside the capital Riyadh in April. The responsibility for the attack, and for the bombing of the Special Emergency Forces' mosque in Asir, which took place in August, was claimed by the Islamic State group.