After an alleged picture of former President Barack Obama's younger daughter Sasha Obama leaked online, some social media users criticized her for dressing so in the image. However, there are hundreds and thousands of Twitter users, including celebrities from around the world who came out in support of the 19-year-old teen.

Sasha Obama

Barack Obama's daughter, who stirred the Twitter pot even without a personal account, has been trending on Twitter after the photo showed a woman who looks like Sasha, dressed in a white crop top, exposing most of her midriff and belly button.

In the leaked photo, the woman is seen wearing her pink color innerwear, barely covered by a white-colored shawl tied around her waist. When the picture started going viral, many took to the microblogging website pointing out Sasha Obama's poor choice of attire.

Some even went ahead comparing the 19-year-old teen to a porn star. Even MEFeater Magazine shared the alleged picture and quoted, "Sasha Obama is giving HONEY!" However, as per Newsweek, there is no confirmation that it's Sasha Obama's picture.

Sasha Obama
Sasha Obama's alleged leaked pictureMEFeater Magazine Twitter

On the one hand, when several users were trying to defame Sasha Obama, others stepped in to support her. "Baby girl is stunning!! Sasha Obama is serving looks...y'all really need to leave her alone," wrote one user.

Another user said: "I showed my mom the Sasha Obama pics and she was genuinely confused as to why I was showing it to her. She didn't see it as out of the ordinary. She was like I don't get it? She looks like you all were dressing at 19. And that is the attitude we should all have towards her."

Another user wrote on Twitter that Sasha looks stunning in the videos and photos that are being circulated by private accounts, and "she looks so beautiful and doing her own business like a queen. She's getting that university degree like a boss. Covid-19 is not stopping her future."

Sasha Obama
Sasha Obama viral pictureTwitter

Sasha Obama gets support from celebrities

It's not only the general Twitter audience that came in support of Sasha but many celebrities, including Jameela Jamil, Aubrey O'Day, and Akilah Hughes, have defended her as she faced an onslaught on social media for a TIkTok video already.

In particular, Jameela came to guard Sasha writing, "Oh shut up about Sasha Obama, she's young, free and harming nobody. Stop acting like it's the President of The United States doing this."