With just a few days left for the release of Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan's Love Aaj Kal by Imtiaz Ali, Sara, has opened up about the heavy trolling she received for 'overacting' in the film. A particular scene from the film, where she could be seen telling Kartik, 'tum mujhe tang karne lage ho' had paved way for various memes and trolling.

Sara's take

Sara Ali Khan, Kartik Aaryan
Sara Ali Khan, Kartik AaryanInstagram

In an interaction with Anupama Chopra, Sara opened up about the same and expressed her concern about the same. She said, "I don't mind being trolled for being fat. I don't mind if you troll me for wearing a cap. But I am here to act. That is my job. That is my profession. That is serious. So, when I am trolled for that, suddenly, with all the confidence still intact, it is harder for me to sit there and say ignore the trolls. For the first time, it actually kind of hurts. It hit me."

"We were not allowed to see the monitor. So, I had no idea what it was looking like. I've spoken to Imtiaz sir about this and what's also happened is the fact that I don't look good in that. When it comes to trolling for overacting, I'll be honest with you... not only was I acutely aware of what my character had to feel, but Imtiaz sir [also] made me feel exactly what Zoe had to feel at that point of time," she further added.

She also said that this has come as learning for her and added, "It is not a pretty shot. It is the archetype of the heroine ki rote waqt, marte waqt, khaate waqt... kuch bhi karo, aapko achha lagna chahiye."

Saif loved his trailer more

Earlier, Saif Ali Khan had said that he had liked the trailer of his Love Aaj Kal with Deepika Padukone more than Sara and Kartik's. "Ahmmm..I don't know why.. I still remember shooting for Love Aaj Kal. Yes, I saw the trailer and I obviously wish them all the very best and wish Sara the best in everything she does. She is my daughter. Ahmmm.. I kind of liked my trailer more. What to say?" he had said.

However, now, abba Saif has said, "With my daughter, I tried to crack a mildly competitive joke. I'm saying I kind of liked our more but obviously this is a completely different movie. And I don't think it's perhaps right to compare but, of course, the producers have chosen the same name and I am quite possessive over our film," he told The Times of India.