Global data storage firm SanDisk unveiled on Tuesday the world's fastest memory card and a new range of USB flash drives that promise high efficiency with quick transfer speeds.

"Whether consumers are seeking super-fast transfer speeds, maximum storage capacity or a stylish fashion statement, we offer a drive to meet their needs," Bob O'Keefe, vice president of retail marketing, SanDisk, said in a press statement.

"SanDisk pioneered the USB drive and now offers one of the broadest lineups in the industry, with a wide range of form factors and reliability that consumers can count on to store their important files," he said.

Among the portable data storage drives SanDisk launched worldwide are the Extreme USB flash drive, Cruzer Glide, Cruzer Facet and the Cruzer Pop models.  All four drives come pre-installed with Sandisk's SecureAccess software that allows for file encryption and password protection.

Also available is a secure online storage option of 2GB that users can download anytime from the internet. Users can also download the Cloud Catcher software for file back-up and quick organisation of personal data stored online.

The 3.0 enabled Extreme USB flash drive claims to give 190 MB/s data transfer speed and is capable of transferring 40GB in just four minutes. The device comes in 16GB to 64GB variants with a price tag ranging between $64.99 and $159.99.

SanDisk's Cruzer Glide USB flash drive has a carrying capacity of 128GB which will be available for $249.99 in the third quarter this year, while the smaller 4GB to 64GB capacities are currently sold at a price starting at around $19.99.

The Facet USB Flash Drive is pre-loaded with 8GB to 32GB capacities that is sold at a price range starting from $32.99 to $84.99 while the Cruzer Pop, which is possibly the thinnest among all the four, costs around $32.99 to $84.99 for its 8GB to 32GB capacities.

Meanwhile, the company's newly launched Extreme Pro microSDHC UHS-I memory card, which is touted as the world's fastest memory card, allows for quick file transfer/downloads, smooth multitasking of various applications and full HD image or video capture on smartphones and tablets.

Users can purchase the memory card on the company's website by paying $59.99 for the 8GB model or $99.99 for the 16GB model. Any device having a microSDHC slot can use the memory card which can also be paired with UHS-enabled smartphones and tablets.