Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung's new smartphone Galaxy S8 (R) and S8 (L) are displayed at a Samsung showroom in Seoul on April 7, 2017.JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

If the rear fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones is what that put you off, think again. That's because, despite being "awkwardly placed," the feature couldn't stop the recently launched devices from topping the latest Consumer Reports smartphone ratings.

It was Samsung Galaxy S8+ that ranked as the top smartphone in the findings from Consumer Report, closely followed by Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G6. Apple's iPhone 7, on the other hand, stood at the fifth spot.

The publication specifically praised the Galaxy S8 phones' top-notch cameras, display and battery life. According to it, the phones' design is one of the ways in which it stands out from previous Samsung smartphones.

"The look of the S8 and S8+ is minimalist, modern, and elegant—and the design allows for a bigger screen in the same size device," the report said.

The publication also performed rigorous testing of Galaxy S8 and S8+ batteries, and said that both the smartphones "provide some of the best smartphone battery life we've seen." In the talk-time test, Galaxy S8+ hit 26 hours while its smaller sibling reached 23 hours.

During a test to check battery life while receiving and transmitting 4G LTE data, Galaxy S8+ lasted for 17.5 hours and Galaxy S8 lasted for 14.5 hours. While using internet over Wi-Fi with the display on, the numbers were 14.5 hours and 13 hours, respectively.

Consumer Reports also admired the "top-quality camera" on the Galaxy S8 phones, saying that they take stunning photos with rich colour. According to the report, the Galaxy S8 phones provide good low-light performance and take great videos.

Galaxy S8 camera sample
A view of Stonehenge captured on the Galaxy S8 camera on April 1, 2017.Matthew Cattell/Getty Images for Samsung Galaxy S8

"Finally, a few top-end cameras, including the iPhone 7 Plus and the LG G6, have dual rear-facing cameras, to enhance either zoom or wide-angle photography. The Samsung phones haven't gone that route yet—and we don't think they suffer for it," the report said.

Consumer Reports, however, did point out a few concerns associated with Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. According to it, Galaxy S8 devices are comfortable to hold, but only while using both hands.

"Even on the smaller model, it will be hard for most users to reach the upper regions of the screen with their thumb," Consumer Reports' lead phone tester Richard Fisco said in a statement.

Galaxy S8
The Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor is right next to the rear camera.Samsung

The fingerprint sensor, which is ideal for unlocking the phone, also continued to be a concern for Consumer Reports, saying that its testers found themselves "repeatedly poking around to locate it—and smudging the camera lens in the process."

It's worth noting here that the Consumer Reports compare Galaxy S8 and S8+, which are the 2017 flagships from Samsung, to Apple's flagships from 2016. Many of the features that have helped the Galaxy S8 phones land on the top spot are also expected to make it to the iPhone 8, which will be released later this year.

It will be interesting to see how Consumer Reports would rate a bezel-less iPhone 8 with a display-mounted Touch ID fingerprint sensor, if it becomes a reality.

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