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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burst: How to handle fires due to smartphone explosion and stay safe; fire department answersReuters file

If you are an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, now infamous for its fire-catching spree, and are yet to return your device to obtain a refund or a smartphone in exchange, then you should read what a Fire Captain at a fire fighting unit in a US county has to say in case your Note 7 catches fire. These essential tips will come in handy for you.

Larry Kurtz, working as a Fire Captain in California, while speaking to TechnoBuffalo (with respect to Galaxy Note 7 catching fire) states that it is best not to put water on a Galaxy Note 7 handset that has already caught fire. This also holds good for smartphones plugged-in for charging.

So, how to put out the fire that is engulfing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and threatens to engulf the entire building with you inside it. Larry Kurtz states that it is best to have baking soda handy in case there are no fire extinguishers available. People can also smother the fire with a pot lid.

In case where people have access to extinguishers, then carbon dioxide and foam serve as a blessing as far as extinguishing the fire (from the defective Galaxy Note 7) is concerned. These tips are applicable to exploding smartphones, in general, irrespective of brands.

Samsung rumoured to deprecate entire Galaxy Note series

According to new rumours, which has cited an unnamed source said to be familiar with Samsung's operations in Russia, the reason for Samsung's latest move of completely abandoning Galaxy Note flagship series of smartphones is the latest reported explosions involving the Galaxy Note 7. In many instances owners of the flagship smartphone not only sustained injuries but also faced other health issues.