Galaxy Note 7 burst: Samsung’s rumoured intention offers loyalists something to “Note”
A customer tries out a Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 at the company's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, October 10, 2016.Reuters

Of late technology giant Samsung has been dogged by reports of its Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames and causing some serious injuries to its users. Keeping in tune with this issue, the firm has decided to stop the production of the phones under the Galaxy Note branding. This development comes shortly after the South Korean electronics giant stated that it would stop selling Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, taking user safety into consideration.

According to PhoneArena, which has cited an unnamed source said to be familiar with Samsung's operations in Russia, the reason for Samsung's latest move of completely abandoning Galaxy Note flagship series of smartphones is the latest reported explosions involving the Galaxy Note 7. In many instances owners of the flagship smartphone not only sustained injuries but also faced other health issues. 

Decision-makers at Samsung are said to have lost sleep due to these issues, which in turn has hurt the Korea-based firm's reputation. This aspect draws substance from the fact that there have been recent instances where even replacement Galaxy Note 7 units (assumed to be safe) went up in flames, thus causing anguish to the users as well as the company. 

Since then, Samsung has officially asked its customers to refrain from using their Galaxy Note 7 handsets and to exchange these for refunds or other similar flagship devices at the earliest. Owners of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 units are also advised to power down their devices and keep these at a safe distance from their bodies.

As far as the entire Samsung Galaxy Note 7 series is concerned, the first of these devices was launched way back in 2011 and this handset held the distinction of being the first-ever large-screen smartphone as it featured a screen measuring more than 5-inches. The popularity of these devices was such that even Samsung's own Galaxy Tab range was threatened, as the Galaxy Note smartphones were termed by loyalists as "phablets."