Abhishek Kumar finally lost his cool on Samarth and slapped him hard for his constant provocation.
Ankita and Munawar [top left], Isha- Samarth [top right], Abhishek and Samrath [below left], Isha [below right]Instagram
Ankita and Munawar [top left], Isha- Samarth [top right], Abhishek and Samrath [below left], Isha [below right]Instagram

One of the cutest love stories inside the Bigg Boss 17 house of Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya has come to an end. After months of speculations and rumours, Samarth himself has confirmed that the two of them are not together anymore. Samarth revealed that they had broken up but didn't wish to further speak on the matter.

Samarth Jurel [left], Isha Malviya [centre], Abhishek Kumar [right]Instagram

Isha - Samarth's BB journey

It was in Bigg Boss house that Samarth and Isha's relationship went through a rollercoaster of emotions. At first, Isha refused to acknowledge and accept that the two had been dating outside the house. Later, the two ganged up against Abhishek Kumar and were called bullies by the audience all across the nation. Salman Khan also slammed the couple for instigating Abhishek and also for getting cosy inside the house.

Khanzadi, Abhishek, Ayesha, Isha, Vicky, AnkitaInstagram

Samarth confirms breakup

Many had blamed Samarth for ruining Isha's game and for her eviction as well. "Yes, it's true we are not together anymore. We have broken up. I don't want to further comment on this," Jurel told TOI. Talking about whether he would have played a better game had he come solo, Samarth had earlier said in an interview that it was Isha's presence that strengthened his game inside the house.

"I don't think that was the case. We were together throughout the show and played our game well. The advantage for us was that whenever we felt low, we could be there for each other. She was with me to pull me back to spirits again," he had said. Munawar Faruqui and Abhishek Kumar had also placed bets on Isha and Samarth breaking up soon after leaving the BB house. "Let them bet on whatever they want. I think both of them will lose it as we are meant to be together," he had told a website after being evicted.

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