Actress Samantha Akkineni opened up on wearing revealing outfits after her marriage with Naga Chaitanya. She said that she is going to do as much as she can to be a part of the change of people's mindset.

Samantha married Naga Chaitanya in October 2017 and became the daughter-in-law of the Akkineni family, which is one of the most respectable Tollywood families. Post her wedding, the actress was spotted in revealing outfits on some occasions and she was trolled badly on social media.

samantha akkineni
Samantha Akkineni in 'Jaanu' sari.Twitter

The Hyderabad Times has released the list of 30 Most Desirable Women 2019 and Samantha Akkineni leads that lot, grabbing the top spot this year. In an interview to HT, the actress spoke about her dressing and looks after the marriage. When asked about not being sanskari bahu, she said, "I remember, the first time when I wore something revealing after marriage, I was trolled terribly and it was very, very hard."

Samantha Akkineni said it is all about taking the first step towards change. She added, "But I noticed that when I did it the second time, it was not so bad. It's all about taking that first step. I'm not going to say that I did something brave. I was scared of the repercussions and of the trolling. But at the same, I told myself that things have to change and I'm going to do as much as I can to be a part of that change."

samantha akkineni
Samantha Akkienni and Naga Chaitanya in Ye Maaya Chesave.Facebook

'Your clothes don't define your character'

Talking about her decision to ignore the trolls, Samantha said, "It took longer than I'd like to admit but I was firm on changing people's mindset. I think it's important for people to realise that your clothes don't define your character. Your clothes are just an expression of how you're feeling that day.

Samantha Akkineni added, "Suppose I'm feeling confident and want to wear something sexy, it's just for my satisfaction, it's not for anybody else but myself. The clothes I wear reflect my mood. The fact that I've been voted 'most desirable woman' is a vindication of my belief and I'm so proud of it."