People who make a living by cracking jokes are very lucky. Because people don't pay much attention to what they say and most of the times, comedians are ignored. Why we are mentioning about comedians is some dirty and ugly jokes they make on public platforms, especially on women.

Going back into the memory lane, let us take a look at the kind of comments Telugu comedian Ali made Anushka on a public platform. During the audio launch of Anushka and Arya's Size Zero, Ali has made a few sexist comments on Anushka Shetty, where he called the actor 'hot jalebi'.

Comedian Ali.Twitter

Ali said, 'Anushka is a hot jalebi who everybody likes to eat'. He did not stop just with this. While these statements were shocking enough already, he went to speak about her thighs.

'Ever since I saw her in Billa, I became her fan'

Ali compared Anushka Shetty's thighs to those of Bollywood actor Sonal Chauhan's, who is also playing a role in Size Zero. "You had asked the other girl (Sonal Chauhan) to slap her thighs. However, she has no thighs. Anushka has really remarkable thighs. Ever since I saw her in Billa, I became her fan," Ali has been quoted as saying at the launch.

Anushka Shetty
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For the comments he made, Ali has attracted a lot of criticism and it was not the first time he stooped to such level. He even made comments on Samantha Akkineni's midriff during the audio release of S/o Sathyamurthy. Many have slammed Ali for the comments he made on heroines, and it was obvious that the actresses have taken those comment on a light note.