Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni
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Actress Samantha Akkineni is facing the wrath of some of her followers after she evinced her interest to meet a fan of Naga Chaitanya, named Sagar, who climbed 1,000 steps on his knees in Tirupati for her husband's wellbeing on his birthday. The upset fans say that she has set a bad example.

Naga Chaitanya celebrated his 33rd birthday on November 23 and thousands of fans across the world showered wishes upon him on this occasion. One of his die-hard fans walked up 1,000 steps on his knees to offer prayers to Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupati for his wellbeing. Along with his friend, Sagar tweeted a couple of videos featuring him performing this adventure on Saturday.

The couple, which is fondly known as ChaySam, was speechless to see Sagar's videos. In reply, Naga Chaitanya tweeted, "Don't know what to say naveen! Speechless.. thank you for this love.. take care! Sagar! Don't know what to say.. speechless.. thank you for this unconditional love! Take care.. all of you inspire me to do better."

Naga Chaitanya with his wife Samantha Akkineni and fan Sagar
Naga Chaitanya with his wife Samantha Akkineni and fan SagarTwitter

On the other hand, Samantha Akkineni, who has climbed 3,500 steps in Tirupati for her husband, also expressed her surprise on Sagar's adventure. Going a step ahead, the actress invited him to meet her and Naga Chaitanya. She retweeted his post and wrote, "Thankyou... this is incredible.. speechless  please meet us  ."

Samantha Akkineni and Naga Chaitanya have millions of fans around the world. Most of them eagerly wait to meet them at least once in their lifetime, but hardly few get the chance. Sagar is one of those fans and he got the opportunity due to his adventure. Now some of her followers feel that her invitation will encourage some other fans to tread the same path. With this, she has set a bad example.

Some other fans upset with Sagar for his crazy act, which they dubbed as foolish. They asked him a series of questions to him. Will you do the same for your parents? How many times have you done like this for your mother and father? What if something happens to you? Do the celebs come to help your family? These are some of the questions faced by Sagar.

Fans' reactions to Samantha Akkineni's invitation to Sagar:

Naga Chaitanya's fan named Sagar
Naga Chaitanya's fan named SagarNaga Chaitanya's fan named Sagar climing the steps on his knees in Tirupati

Sirish Pyata @sirishpyata

Please don't encourage these stuff, ask him to do for himself or for his family. when you meet him,  post the video across so others get the message. Thanks

kishore @kishore877

Please dont encourage these type of activities, it will become habit for other actor/actress fans as well..Later it will become a publicity factor for actors.. stop this stupid activities in its initial stage only ...

abhiram @abhiburningbri8

This level of celebrity worship is not normal, its a borderline mental disease and should not be encouraged. This kind of endorsement on this big of a platform will inspire others to do even more extreme stuff to an extent where you can not control. I know u mean well but stop.

பூச்சாண்டி ⚪️ @poochandee

Then people start doing these stunts to meet you or they fake things and this will become an insult to the person who did it for you now.....Don't encourage in public mam. Thanks.

pardhasaradhi @pardhas66326378

Sam this is disgusting. Plz don't encourage them it's not love of a fan it's pure ignorance. It is not the way to show his love. If he is chay fan then he should have done any other things. But hurting himself never a good thing.

Prvtweetz @praveen435

Why are you encouraging this by asking him to meet you. It would have been great had you advised fans against this kind of acts

#Foreigner Virtual ∞ @IIVirtual

Can you please ask these innocent guys not to do crazy things like this.

Sajid @sajferoz

There are better things to do in life.. Not sure if he does the same for his parents.

kÏñG Ñ @Bendu357

Sam I am also ur fan but thanu chay bday ki ala chesi wish chesadu kabatti thanku,incredible, speechless, please meet us ani replay icchav but inkevariko ala same papa oddhu,varasudu kavalani wish chesunte deeply disturbed ani tweet pai tweet vesevaruga meeru

Naga Chaitanya's fan named Sagar
Naga Chaitanya's fan named SagarTwitter

Sameer @sravanzz

Antha dedication aayana jeevithaniki upayoga padedhi chesthe, bagundu... something inspiring for society aithe inka bagumdu. If there is a reason for his walk,  i appreciate him. Adhi verri abhimanam and dhaniki janaalu support chesthunnaru ante, god save that society and country

venkat sunil @bvsunil427

Foolish act if you are doing for a celebrity . I hope God will take care of you as you are in his presence ... Be kind and take care of your parents and family

satz @satz59948761

Instead of doing this please do something fr ur parents. They r al just an actor nt ur god.

Dasari PRAVEENKUMAR @dpk145

Bro, What if something happens to you? Do they come to help you r your family???? Please dont do foolish things. Who is chaithu to you? Just make your parents happy that will be appreciated but not these foolish things.

Venkata Manoj Rachakonda @VenkataManojRa1

It is truly amazing but we wish you do take care of your family and they are the ones who will be effected by your deeds. No offense in this.

Hari Kamal @haRRyKaMaL_

How many times u done like this for ur mom and dad ? Just curiosity

Maibu Basha Shaik @basha_maibu

Anna hero's ni abhimaninchandi thappuledu Kani ila risk cheyyakandi mimmalni nammukoni me family undhani gurthunchukondi..