Samantha Akkineni walking up the steps from Alipiri, Tirupati to Tirumala
Samantha Akkineni walking up the steps from Alipiri, Tirupati to TirumalaTwitter

Actress Samantha Akkineni climbed 3,500 steps from Alipiri, Tirupati, to Tirumala to offer prayers to Lord Venkateshwara for the success of Majili, but her husband Naga Chaitanya apparently reached the temple by a car.

Majili is one of the most-awaited Telugu movies of 2019. The main reason for such a huge hype is that it is the fourth movie to feature Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Akkineni. It is also ChaySam's first movie to hit the screens post their marriage. 

Idlebrain Jeevi shared the news, besides tweeting some photos of Samantha Akkineni climbing the steps, which are now going viral on social media. The film critics tweeted, "Samantha walks all the way up to Tirumala from Alipiri. Her film #Majili releases worldwide on 5 April. @Samanthaprabhu2 అలిపిరి నుండి నడక మార్గంలో తిరుమలకు చేరుకున్న సమంత... #MajiliOnApril5th."

People in the film industry feel that it is a unique publicity strategy adapted by Samantha Akkineni. Friday Cinemaa tweeted, "Stunning promotional activity of @Samanthaprabhu2. After #SuperDeluxe success, she is there walking from Tirumala from Alipiri to promote her upcoming film #Majili."

Naga Chaitanya also visited Tirumala, but he was said to have prefered vehicle to reach the temple on the top of the hills. Shreyas Group shared some pictures of the couple and wrote, "The lovely couple @chay_akkineni & @Samanthaprabhu2 offered special prayers for Sri Venkateswara Swamy at Tirumala #Majili #MajiliOnApr5th #ChaySam #VenkateshwaraSwamy"

Directed by Shiva Nirvana, Majili starring Naga Chaitanya, Samantha Akkineni and Divyansha Kaushik is slated for worldwide release on April 5. The team is busy with its publicity activities. Its posters, teaser and songs have received a fantastic response and generated a lot of hype, curiosity and expectations from the movie. The makers had also held a pre-release event on March 31.

The makers released the trailer of Majili at the pre-release event and it has registered over five million views in two days. This video has not only got a positive response from the viewers but also doubled their curiosity and expectations from the film. Scroll down to see Majili trailer review by the audience.

Me_Raghav‏ @ratnakaramraju

#Majili DOP is at peaks, every frame depicts life and bgm @MusicThaman bro I've taken it to next level Gopisunder as well. Can promise dis movie gonna hit millions of hearts. Congratulations in advance..#ChaySam

Sravanti‏ @sravi_sam

The trailer of what looks like a LOVE MASTERPIECE.. #MajiliTrailer I'm super thrilled to see how beautiful the Marital love is portrayed through pain and responsibilities. So overwhelmed it is @Samanthaprabhu2 and @chay_akkineni who've done this film

Moturi nagakaushik‏ @mnkaushik7

#Majilitrailer is filled with Sam's huge and huge love and care towards chay I saw it literally 20 to 30 times. Can't get off sam's eyes and her expressions.Her crying was so excellent,emotional. THE PAIN WAS FELT. Whatte trailer!! @Samanthaprabhu2 is a gift to TFI❤❤

Namaskara Karunadu‏ @Kannada_Naadu

Best thing about @Samanthaprabhu2 is the type of challenging characters she is acting post marriage.Bringing others wrong perception down,she is growing big. Wishing her all the very best also thanks for being an example that marriage doesn't ruin heroines career. #MajiliTrailer

7/G‏ @IAmBoosa

That dialogue in #MajiliTrailer - "Love letter paina unna peru wedding card lo undadhu ra" I'm sure this movie is gonna be a cult and evergreen of this Generation. It has that intense, feel and emotion.