Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra
Salman Khan and Priyanka ChopraYouTube

While the media, publicists, industry people and fans have moved on from Priyanka Chopra's magnanimous wedding with Nick Jonas, it seems, Bollywood star Salman Khan hasn't been able to move on. Salman's constant rant against Priyanka's decision to opt out and Katrina's inclusion at the last moment in his film Bharat is a fair reminder of his hurt ego.While we expected Katrina Kaif to come out in Priyanka's support, her statement defending Salman has not gone down well with her fans or us.

Let's take a look at why we feel Katrina shouldn't have defended Salman here at all.

- Don't boost Salman's inflated ego and pride: When Salman took a jibe at Priyanka Chopra, citing her decision to opt out of the project at the 'nick of time', we all couldn't help but smile at his humour. The second time Salman spoke about Priyanka's sudden exit, we understood how he must have felt dejected since as per his version, Priyanka was the one who had called Salman's sister to be a part of the project. But, when Salman just refused to let Priyanka be, the humour ceased to be 'good humour' and started tilting towards his 'male ego and pride'.

- Subjected to same negativity: Katrina Kaif isn't new to Salman's snob behaviour either. When Katrina had moved on from Salman Khan to get into a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, she had been subjected to the same kind of toxicity by Salman. Not only he mentioned her at several interviews but also didn't hesitate in making unpleasant remarks at her relationship with the Kapoor scion.

- Not just a replacement: Salman's constant mentions about how Katrina was brought in when Priyanka decided to leave at the last minute, serves as a constant reminder of how she was just a replacement and wasn't the original choice.