Salman Khan slammed for forcing kid to hug Jacqueline Fernandez
Salman Khan slammed for forcing kid to hug Jacqueline FernandezJacqueline Fernandez Instagram

Salman Khan is on the line of fire for forcefully making a 7-year-old kid hug Jacqueline Fernandez on national television even after the boy said he doesn't want to.

Salman and Jacqueline recently appeared on a reality show Dance Deewane to promote their film Race 3. The superstar asked a little contestant if he would let Jacqueline hug him. The boy said "no", which made all present there burst out in laughter.

When asked why he would not let her hug him, the kid responded by saying he does not feel like hugging her. Salman then took Jacqueline on the stage, and forced the minor to hug her, not once but twice.

This act by Salman irked many, who slammed the superstar for completely disrespecting the kid's consent. There are many tweets lambasting the Race 3 star.

"Kid of 5 or 6 says he doesn't want to hug Jacqueline Fernandez. Celeb panel laughs. "Aise kaise?" Repeatedly he says he doesn't feel like hugging her. Body language suggests same. Salman Khan forces him to hug her. Forces him to "tightly hug her" once again. Consent be damned. [sic]," one tweeted.

Jacqueline herself shared the video on Instagram with the caption saying, "Kids usually love me, this boy was an least I got my hug in the end [sic]".

While many have been criticizing Salman and Jacqueline for "ignoring the kid's consent", many others in support of the stars opined that they are being targeted unnecessarily.

Check the video and some of the angry reactions that came in on Salman's act.

Salman has been having a tough time lately. First, he got convicted in the blackbuck poaching case. Though he was out on bail soon after. The trailer of his upcoming movie Race 3 did not get the expected response as many found it average. His debut as a lyricist for the song Selfish from the same movie again made him a butt of jokes as people compared him with Dhikchak Pooka. And now, he is being roasted for forcing the small boy to hug Jacqueline.