salman khan and katrina kaif on super dancer 3
Salman Khan matches steps with Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty on Super Dancer 3.Instagram

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan who is not known to spare anyone if he's in a bad mood, yet again made actress Katrina Kaif uncomfortable with his behaviour. In the promotions of their film Bharat, Salman Khan has been reminding Katrina Kaif time and again that she has Priyanka Chopra to thank for because the role went to Katrina after the Quantico actress quit the film.

Katrina Kaif has not been happy with Salman rubbing salt on her wounds. The new insult episode happened on Super Dancer 3, even as judge and their Bollywood counterpart Shilpa Shetty watched exasperated. It so happened that a choreographer of Super Dancer 3 was praised by Katrina Kaif, him having worked with her on the Suraiyya song from Thugs of Hindostan. The choreographer in turn praised Katrina for her hard work, saying she practised for a month.

Hearing this, Salman Khan demanded to know the step from the Suraiyya song that required so much practice. Since it was a step to do with the knees, Katrina asked Salman not to do it, as he apparently was having some problem with his knees. Salman insisted on doing the step, and followed the choreographer, learning the step in a jiffy. After doing it a few times, he went up to Katrina and pointed his finger insultingly at her, saying that he did the step in "one take", obviously taking a jibe at her "hard work".

Seeing him behave like this, Katrina Kaif was looking embarrassed and sad, but did not say anything. Also, when Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif went on the Super Dancer 3 stage to shake a leg, Salman Khan made it a point to yawn and go to sleep, showing no interest in their performance. He then joined them and matched steps, showing that only he could add masala to the act. Katrina and Shilpa couldn't do much but High Five each other in the end.

Shilpa Shetty was also at the receiving end of Salman Khan's jibe, when he interrupted her while she was speaking to a Super Dancer 3 contestant. As Shilpa got praising the young contestant and his act that included the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu, questioned her as to the correct pronunciation of Kalaripayattu.

"Is it Kalaripayattu or Kalaripattu?" Salman asked Shilpa, as the visibly irritated actress replied in a sarcastic tone, "It's pronounced as Kalaripattu..." Shilpa went on to explain that she knows the right pronunciation because, "I'm a south Indian", which finally made Salman go silent.

While all was well towards the end of the episode, for some time, there was this uncomfortable vibe, even as a viewer we could understand it. We are not sure of the other judges, director Anurag Basu and choreographer Geeta Kapoor, but the ladies Katrina Kaif and Shilpa Shetty were definitely not amused with Salman's behaviour.

All this can go in the category of "pulling a leg" but it did not seem like that. Thankfully, Salman Khan was good with the little contestants Rupsa and Tejas, and praised them for their outstanding acts. Watch what happened here.