Salman Khan shaking legs with Sadhus in Hud Hud Dabangg
Salman Khan shaking legs with Sadhus in Hud Hud DabanggTwitter

Squeezing some time off from his erratic schedule Salman Khan launched Munna Badnaam Hua song in Mumbai on Saturday night amidst fans and media.

At the press conference, Salman danced on the upbeat number along with Prabhu Deva. He spoke about the song and why he took Warina Hussain for it. He later shared his views about the controversy over the film's title song Hud Hud Dabangg that created ruckus on social media. A Hindu outfit has claimed that the makers of Dabangg 3 have hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus as the song degrades sages by showing them shaking a leg with Salman Khan on the riverbank with guitars.

This is not the first time that Dabangg 3 has been mired in controversies. In the movie's trailer, a shot showed a few shivlings covered with wooden planks that led to controversies as well.

Speaking about the Dabangg 3 controversies, Salman told the media, "Every time a big film comes there is always some controversy around it. At least, it is acknowledged that this is a big film and I am happy about it. We had done a film with Warina, where the title of her film had led to controversy, which has been cleared and dismissed. So controversies do happen, they get cleared. I don't think there is anything in this film, that controversy can be created."

The actor further went on to add, "The song is ours and it is there for quite some time. People are just trying to get fame by linking them with us. They get publicity and it is ok. Some fans also support them."

Talking about the horrifying Hyderabad gang rape, Salman said, "I am in a very mood and don't want to talk about the same."

The actor also tweeted about the indicent, which reads," These r the worst kind of shaitans disguised in the human form!" He added that 'the pain, torture n death of innocent women' 'should now get us together n put an end to such shaitans who live among us, before any other innocent woman. n their family go through this extreme agony n loss as this has to be stopped. Let betii bachao not be just a campaign. This is the time to let these demons know that v all stand together."