Salman Khan is one of the most popular faces of the Bollywood industry. He is known for his blockbuster hits like Bajarangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Bharat and Tiger Zinda Hai,  all of which have turned out to do massive profits at the Box Office. 

However, Salman has also been into the limelight for his extremely controversial fights with various celebs. One among those controversial fights when Bhaijaan had an ugly spat with Arjit Singh.

Salman Khan Arijit Singh
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Salman, being one of the top actors in Bollywood forced Arijit to issue an apology to him, although the latter is arguably the most successful singer of the current era. In every single movie nowadays, there is at least one song sung by the 32-year-old playback singer. So what caused such a big controversy then?

Salman Khan - Arijit Singh Controversy

According to sources, the incident took place in an award show back in 2014. Actually, it was Arjit's first award function and so he was not prepared for it at all. The singer was working and so he went directly to the function in casual wear and chappals.

During the function, Arjit dozed off in between and when his name was announced, the singer had to be woken up by someone.

When Arijit went up to receive an award from Salman Khan and Riteish Deshmukh, Salman commented "So gaye the kya?" to which he candidly and nervously replied "Kya kare aapne sula diya..." which Salman Khan didn't find funny. 

Salman Khan
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However, the 54-year-old actor, in a funny tone replied "Aur isme humara koi dosh nahi hai, agar aise gaane bajte rahenge..." and he hummed the tune of Arijit's song Tum Hi Ho.

This incident left that a sour taste in Salman's heart and it kicked off a cold-war between Arjit and Salman.

Not only this in the same award show Mithoon was awarded for the best lyrics for 'Tum Hi Ho' and when he went on the stage to take the award, the lyricist too made a comment, which angered Salman even more. 

Arijit Singh at GiMA 2016
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"I just want to say that, 'Tum Hi Ho' ne logo ko sirf sulaya hi nhi hai, pr jagaya hai", to which Bhaijaan replied," Are sir aapke singer soote soote aarhe hai sir."

After this Salman ordered him off stage, "Chal nikal yahan se! (Get lost from here)", were his words.  Mithoon though wasn't one to mince his words and replied, "You don't scare me, sir," and walked out of the stage. 

Salman Khan Arijit Singh
Arijit Singh and Salman KhanTwitter

Arijit, who has lent his voice to various chartbusters such as Tum Hi Ho and Agar Tum Saath Ho, became Salman's target thereafter, and he was stopped from singing songs in Salman Khan's movies like Kick, Jai Ho, Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo and many more.

Even in Sultan, one of Arijit's songs was omitted, which made the top vocalist very upset and he subsequently wrote an apology letter to 'Bhaijaan.'