Actors share many moments of fun and camaraderie. Especially when they know each other well. There was a time when Anil Kapoor touched Salman Khan's feet, in humour and respect. The reason why is even more interesting. 

When Anil Kapoor touched Salman Khan's feet

Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan have always been very good friends within the Bollywood industry. The two have also delivered two movies together Biwi No. 1 and Race 3. While they share an enviable bond and joke together. Anil Kapoor is still much senior to Salman Khan.

Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan
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At the Race 3 trailer launch, the cast and makers of the film were answering questions from the press, when somebody asked Anil Kapoor about the film and how he felt the film would be compared to the others in the series. Anil Kapoor took the diplomatic route and said he would rather audiences watch the film and form opinions about it than tell everybody how the film is. 

Salman Khan, who was sitting beside Bobby Deol interrupted the senior actor, "But, I can talk right?" Anil Kapoor pointed to him and said, "You can." Salman Khan then went on to shower praise on Anil Kapoor saying his performance was "outstanding, outstanding means he is phenomenal in the film," Anil Kapoor meanwhile is laughing in his seat. 

Another question comes to Anil Kapoor when someone asks about his character, "This time what fruit will you be seen eating?" Anil Kapoor looks stumped and is searching for an answer when Salman Khan immediately answers, "The fruit of Success."

Anil Kapoor burst out laughing and so does the audience. Unable to hold back, he rises as Salman Khan does to shake hands and hug the actor. Salman Khan corrects his answer, "No no, sir." Anil Kapoor then bends down and touches his feet leaving Salman looking taken aback. 

Race 3 may not have gotten the best response, but their friendship still remains a highlight.