Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 12
Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 12Colors TV

Salman Khan is 53 and still single. And there hasn't been an event where the Dabangg Khan hadn't been questioned about his marriage. He has either laughed it off or given a quirky answer talking about his wedding plans. So when Salman, the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood, was recently asked about his plans of getting married, he said that he will announce his wedding on Thursday (May 23).

During the promotion of his upcoming film Bharat, when Salman was quizzed about his marriage, he joked that the topic of his wedding has become a national concern and went on to say that he will go public about it on the counting day of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

"Yeah...I think I should announce it on May 23," Salman told Mumbai Mirror while laughing his ass off.

Further speaking about embracing fatherhood, Salman said, "I want children, but with children comes the mother. I don't want the mother, but they need one. But I have a whole village to take care of them. Maybe I can work out a win-win situation for everyone."

And concluded saying that he is definitely not in for marriage right now adding that there's some more time for it to happen.

In the past, Salman had admitted that he was on the verge of getting married to his girlfriends Somy Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani and had even printed marriage cards but in the end, things didn't fall in place. He was even serious about Katrina Kaif whom he dated for almost 7 years before they parted ways in 2015.

There could be a possibility that Salman Khan may want to stay celibate for the rest of his life until the right moment or become a father to a child through surrogacy as reported earlier.