salman khan, katrina kaif
Salman Khan [L] and Katrina Kaif during an eventPUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty

Salman Khan, at 53, is still living his life as a singleton even after being loved by millions of people across the globe. Though the Dabangg Khan has been in relationships in the past and many times he was very close to getting married but it just didn't work out. There has never been a single event where Salman hadn't been questioned about his marriage. Many people are still wondering why Salman is not getting married. And it looks like the million dollar question has finally been answered.

"Salman bhai is known to go all out for his family. His love transcends into selfless loyalty. Multiple times he was close to getting married, but each time he was unable to give another person as much as importance as his family. Salman thought it would be unfair to commit to a partner and not be able to give his cent percent, that's the real reason why he is single," a source close to the Khan family was quoted as saying by Bombay Times.

In the past, Salman had admitted that he was on the verge of getting married to his girlfriends Somy Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani and had even printed marriage cards but in the end, things didn't fall in place. He was even serious about Katrina Kaif whom he dated for almost 7 years before they parted ways in 2015.

Salman Khan, Sangeeta Bijlani
Salman Khan, Sangeeta BijlaniVarinder Chawla

"Family is of utmost importance to Salman. Salman was to get married to Somy Ali and Sangeeta Bijlani for which even cards were printed. In the early 2000's he came close to marrying another actress, while more recently Katrina Kaif was on the verge of becoming a permanent member of the Khan household. It was the fear of his partner not understanding the intensity of Salman's selfless love for family that discouraged him," the source added.

The source further said, "While his family wanted the actor to tie the knot on two occasions with the leading ladies he was romantically involved with, Salman put his personal interest aside and instead invested in building an empire for his family."

Well, going by the source's claims, there could be a possibility that Salman Khan may want to stay celibate for the rest of his life until the right moment.