Reshma and Sakshi
Reshma and Sakshi.PR Handout

Reshma has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 3. She is fifth contestant to be out of Kamal Haasan-hosted show after Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mohan Vaidya and Meera Mitun.

We had predicted that Reshma was most likely to be out of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 this week. In the end, she got lesser votes than other nominees like Madhumitha, Kavin, Abhirami and Sakshi.

There were confusions around the elimination this week as one set of rumours have claimed Sakshi to be out of the show. Unfortunately, she is shown the door the first time she is pushed to the danger zone by the inmates. 

She stayed in the house for 42 days. 

Earlier Story

The elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house this week has generated a lot of curioisty in the minds of the fans. While many have been expecting Sakshi Agarwal to be thrown out of the show, the latest rumours indicate that it is Reshma who is evicted from Kamal Haasan-hosted show.

Sakshi Agarwal has been facing the wrath of the public for creating unnecessary drama involving Kavin and Losliya in the house in the last two weeks. She, apparently, tried to create sympathy around her playing the victim card for Kavin's growing friendship with Losliya . This had not gone well with the viewers, who wanted her to be out of the show.

However, the twist in the story is that Sakshi has miraculously escaped from the elimination as the people's votes to save their favourite contestants were divided among the five people who are in the danger zone. It looks like this came handy for her as survived in the game, say rumours.

As a result, Reshma got lesser votes and has been evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Nonetheless, another speculation doing rounds claim that Sakshi is evicted and sent to secret room. Thus creating a lot of confusions and building curiosity in the minds of the audience.

So far, four contestants like Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mohan Vaidya and Meera Mitun has been shown the door. Meanwhile, there are also rumours doing rounds that Kasturi Shankar is being given wild-card entry.