Actress Kasturi Shankar has responded to a fight between the fans of Ajith and Vijay on Twitter by asking the two stars to intervene to put an end to the issue. She has urged the fans to use their energy towards positive activities, thus indicating not to waste their time on trending negative topics on Twitter.

"I repeat- Thalapathy Vijay Fans and Thala Ajith fans are able to make any hashtag trend nationwide. If they can use that energy & effort for positive activities, whole state will bless you & your favourite star. I appeal to popular icons to direct their fans into social service. [sic]" she wrote on Twitter.

A section of fans trolled Kasturi for her comment. Nonetheless, her followers, in large, welcomed her statement. It got over 194 'retweets' and over 1400 'likes' by the time this story went for publishing.

Time and again, Vijay and Ajith's fans have locked horns over trivial issues to project their icon as the biggest star of today on social media sites. In the latest development, the fans of Thala apparently trended the topic on Twitter with a hash tag #RIPactorVijay on Monday, 29 July. It became a hot topic of debate with many people condemning those behind it.

Notably, cricketer Ashwin Ravichandran wrote, "There was an asteroid that missed hitting our planet a few days ago, irregular monsoons hitting different cities, droughts in many parts of our country and very disturbing criminal cases being spoken, but the young generation of our lovey state manage to trend this #RIPactorVIJAY. [sic]"