Saif Ali Khan, the Nawab of Bollywood, has made quite a splash in the romance arena over the years. Once happily married to fellow actor Amrita Singh (with whom he has two kids as well), he got involved with Italian model Rosa Catalano after the marriage broke down.

Although he's now enjoying marital bliss with Kareena Kapoor Khan aka Bebo, it seems his relationship with Catalano wasn't as rosy as it seemed.

saif and rosa

Though Rosa and Saif were head over heels for each other and she even had a great equation with Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim, their relationship did not have a happy ending. After the divorce from wife Amrita Singh, Saif and Rosa were spotted everywhere together, looking madly in love.

Saif's mood swings led to the break-up

For two years, their love blossomed and became the hot gossip of the tinsel town. But soon the news of their break started making the headlines allegedly due to Saif's ignorance and impulsive behaviour.

saif ex girlfriend

In an interview, a Kolkata designer Suchismita Dasgupta, who was friends with Saif during Parineeta days confirmed that the couple will soon split because of Saif's mood swings. She said, "She (Rosa) was on the verge of tears when she confirmed the news of their split. She said that she couldn't deal with Saif's mood swings any longer. When Saif was working, he got hyper and changed into a completely different person. He wouldn't be talking to Rosa for days on end if he was tense with work."

Not Financially dependent on Saif: Rosa

Since Rosa was not from the industry, many people thought Saif is giving her money to settle down and run her livelihood. Though Nawab's ex-flame Rosa made startling revelation regarding the financial between the two during their time together.

saif and rosa

As per the reports by Cosmopolitan, Rosa said, "Saif is not supporting me financially. The one reason why I kept staying in India was that I used to work as and when projects used to come so that I was able to pay my bills and pay my rent. And no one ever, I repeat, no one ever has paid my bills in India."

Rosa also claimed that Saif never worked hard on their relationship and was always unavailable. She said, "It takes two people to actually make something work. Otherwise, it's like being on the same boat where one person wants to go right and the other person wants to go left."

saif and rosa

Saif and Rosa eventually broke up and the Italian beauty also disclosed that while dating, Saif lied about being married and having two kids. It's been a long time since then and Rosa has left the industry and Saif has moved on with Kareena Kapoor Khan.