Love stories in Bollywood have always garnered eyeballs for various reasons. From their impulsive marriage commitments to grand wedding affairs, celebs married life is no less than a fairy tale.

One such couple who hogged the limelight back in the '90s were Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan. Although they aren't together anymore, Amrita and Saif had entered into wedlock within a few days of knowing each other.

Today, International Business Times brings to you the blast from the past. A story that is steamer than the couple themselves. What exactly went wrong between Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan's paradise and why Sharmila Tagore warned Saif to not get married to Amrita Singh. 

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Saif and family

In an interview with Simi Garewal, when the two were still a couple, Saif and Amrita had revealed that their love story started in just one day. Saif was a struggling actor who went to established actress Amrita Singh's house for dinner one evening. Saif revealed that by the end of the evening, they kissed each other and Saif continued to stay in that house.

He had said, "I never left the house even till today." What's more interesting is that Saif and Amrita, who is 12 years older to him, kept their wedding a secret even from their parents. 

They told their parents the next day. Both Saif and Amrita said that they have decided to get married just two days before actually tying the knot. They were scared to tell their families. In the interview, Saif had recalled how his mother Sharmila Tagore warned him not to get married to Amrita.

Saif and Amrita

I don't go out for dinners"

"I don't go out for dinners," Dingy (Amrita Singh) said when Saif asked her out over a phone call. People would think twice to walk up to her; however, Saif didn't think once while walking up to Amrita. During his first photo-shoot, he put his arm around her and here he was all confident to take her out. 

"I was never the bikini-wearing type," said a very careful and nervous Amrita during Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. 

Saif and Amrita SIngh

Live-in relationship in the 90s!

Amrita kissed Saif by the end of their dinner date and then, Saif never left her house. He stayed back but they lived in two different rooms and never had a physical relationship. 

Mamma caught them red-handed

Amrita's mother was in the house and she behaved exactly like any mother would have behaved if seeing her daughter's boyfriend in the house for no reason. She told Saif to lie that he was only there for lunch. But mother's you see, the slightest spring in your feet and spark in your eyes speaks volumes about the hormones running in your blood. Amrita's mother suspected that there was someone living with her in the house because the other side of her bed was absolutely tidy, which it never was until her daughter was living alone.

 So the wedlock wasn't far!

Amrita Singh and Sharmila Tagore

Two days before they got married, Sharmila had warned Saif not to marry Amrita but to no avail. Amrita had earlier done a film with Sharmila and she was stressed. Ironically she played her mother-in-law on screen. 

Well, sometimes you need to take a leap of faith before you jump into a deep well.