Shanmuga Pandian, the son of actor-turned-politician Vijayakanth, has made his debut as a hero with "Sagaptham". The movie is directed by Surendran and produced by LK Sudhish. The Tamil movie has hit screens on Thursday, 02 April.

"Sagaptham" has been keenly awaited by the Kollywood audience to see whether Shanmugapandian can impress the audience in his opening outing. We have to note that his film is competing with "Nanbenda" and "Kombam".

A poster from "Sagaptham".IB Times India

It has Velumani's dialogues, Karthik Raja's music, SK Bhupathi's cinematography and SP Ahmed's editing.

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Neha Hinge and Shubra Aiyappa are playing the female leads in "Sagaptham", which has Ranjith, Devayani, Bose Venkat, Suresh, Thalaivasal Vijay, Powerstar Srinivasan and others in the cast.

Saga (Shanmuga Pandian) saves Devayani from being harassed by money lender played by Bose Venkat. Her husband has gone missing in Malaysia. Now, the hero along with his friend Jagan leaves to the foreign country to find her husband.

When they land in Malaysia, they are exposed to a crime world and the issue is now bigger than just saving her husband! Well, our nation is in threat and how the hero fights for our people forms the crux of the storyline.

"Sagaptham has opened to negative reviews from the netizens.The storyline and the performance are not up to the mark. Below, we bring you the Tweet response of the audience:

Anita Raghuraman Tweets
#Sagaptham theri mass intro scene!! ;)
Wonderful to see more than ten women in Luxe for #Sagaptham! I have unknown company!! Phew..
Whatte day!! Am still not over the #Sagaptham hangover. It is buzzing in my head like I was stuck amidst a bee hive..

Kaushik LM Posted
#Sagaptham - #fastfilling .. Seems like a full house here at luxe .. Mins to go for the start ...
#Sagaptham 1st half over - #facepalm .. Ennamma Ipdi Panringaley ma !!
#Sagaptham - For those who MAY be wanting to see it, my only word .. #AVOID !!!
#Sagaptham - two heroines ..Both are clearly talking in Hindi ..Tamil dubbing on top of that.. No lip sync whatsoever ..Pathetic is the word

Vishnu Tweeted
Vvice captain's dharisanam from today #Sagaptham

Kumar_89 Wrote
First half is decen..Junior Captain is energetic..#Sagaptham

RagavanDCP ‏Posted
@SriniMama16 Annan Shanmuga Pandi Rocks it seems. And he has the perfect physique to play a tough cop like me #KuttyGabtaan #Sagaptham

Srini Mama Tweeted
#Sagaptham: Standing ovation at Sathyam. 5/5.

Cinema Calendar Wrote
#Sagaptham: Vijaykanth's son debuts with a very poor film, should have given himself for a mature script if he has come to stay.

Only Kollywood Tweeted
Half way through #Sagaptham. A tried and tested, formulaic masala film. Second half shifts to Malaysia. Power Star & Jegan rock.
#Sagaptham - A formulaic masala ride!