Vikram and Keerthy Suresh in Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square
Saamy 2 aka Saamy Square trailer review: Fans upset with Hari, call it upgraded version of S3

Director Hari's bilingual movie Saamy 2 (Square) starring Vikram, Aishwarya Rajesh and Keerthy Suresh has received mixed review and average ratings from Tamil and Telugu critics.

Saamy 2 is an action masala film, which has been written by Hari and produced by Shibu Thameens under the banner Thameens Films. The movie, which is a sequel to 2003 film Saamy, is about strict police officer Ramasaamy (Vikram), who avenges the murder of his family members. The film deals with a tried and tested story and it has nothing new to offer in terms of a story, say the critics.

Vikram has delivered a brilliant performance, which is the highlight of Saamy 2. Aishwarya Rajesh, Keerthy Suresh, Prabhu, Bobby Simha and Soori have done good jobs and they are also assets of the film. Made on a big budget, the movie has decent production values and music, picturisation, action and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, say the film critics.

Saamy 2 (Square) review roundup: We bring you some critics' verdict and ratings for the movie. Continue to see them.

Hindustan Times Rating: 2

Saamy Square is proof that a director requires talent to entertain an audience with exactly the same plot that worked 15 years ago. Director Hari has added just a few elements to present the idea of a sequel. One such an element is to make Vikram's character 'overpowered' (OP), like a character in video games, which wreaks havoc. While it is fun to see characters break loose on the screen when you play a video game, it doesn't look at attractive in a film.

The India Express Rating: 0

Scene after scene, Hari keeps giving you a reason to hate this film and the actors who helped the director to translate his absurd ideas onto the big screen. Saamy Square is Vikram's worst career decision.

The Quint

Saamy 2 is sure to appeal to the masses, and also move on to become a TV favourite, since it's not necessarily a cinematic experience. But one hopes Hari has gotten the policeman sagas out of his system (5 police stories in all). The movie ends with the tagline 'Saamy's hunt continues', so you never know!

123Telugu Rating: 2.5

Saamy is a routine action drama that has nothing new to offer. Vikram comes up with a great performance as a cop but the movie is filled with unappealing action episodes which look over the top. All those who like such loud cop dramas can try this film out but the rest can look for something else this weekend.